Saturday, September 01, 2007

Going, Going, Gone

Remember the Queen of Mean?

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Leona Helmsley

She died the other day, after a long, no doubt unhappy, life. Her most famous quote, when she was arrested for non-payment of taxes, ws "Only the little people pay taxes."

She left Billions to charity, some to her children and grandchildren, then left out two of the grandkids, stating, in so many words, "You know why you're not getting anything." This comment wasn't explained, as far as I know.

But, her main beneficiary, after the charities, was "Trouble", her Maltese. The pictures of "Trouble" were kind of scruffy, but here is the way a Maltese is supposed to look, and hers probably WILL look like this one, now that he/she can afford a good grooming.

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Richard Jewell

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He died the other day, at age 44. This poor man was hounded mercilessly after first being hailed as a hero after the bombing in Atlanta during the Olympics. The media did an about face, and decided that the was the one who set the bomb. They didn't let up on him until the real bomber was identified and he sued their collective ass and won. Good on him.


Cazzie!!! said...

Wow, I wonder if the dog understands how much money it got?

That guy, poor man, it is probably what killed him..collective stress on his body from all the pressure...may he R.I.P

Queen of Dysfunction said...

:( Richard Jewell. I felt for him then and it's sad to hear that he passed so young.

patsy said...

i remember this, anyone who had a brain knew he didn't do that.

Nancy said...

I am sorry to hear that Richard Jewell died .

Leona Helmsley..Not so much!!!!!

jusdealem said...

That's the meanest face I have ever seen. 12 million to the dog, good grief.



Peggy said...

Just goes to show you, that old saying is true. "It's easy to be beautiful when you're young but when you're old you get the face you deserve."

I sure had it in for Ms Leona. Lucky dog though.

I didn't know about Mr Jewell. Shame he went so young.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Leona, Leona.....her face seems to match her mindset...mean and smug. 12 million dollars to a dog....shame on her. With so many deserving charities and needy people in our country alone....shame on her. I can't imagine why she would have left two of her grandchildren out of her will....what, did they forget to say hi to the dog one day?

Poor Richard....his is just a very sad story.