Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Another Rat Leaves The Ship

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Good-bye, good riddance
He won't be missed.
It's as though he wasn't here.
We'll raise a glass
In a final toast,
And give a rousing cheer.

His departure was
Abrupt, you see.
He was here, then he was gone.
He waved good-bye
Without a sigh
At the breaking of the dawn.

He's gone, he's gone,
Karl Rove is gone.
He's not coming back again.
He went away
With hardly a word.
Now, what'll Bush do for a brain?


Chancy said...

I join you in toasting Rove's departure.

Now if George W would just leave too---

Oh no..that would give us Dick.

Kay Dennison said...

Sing it, sistah!!!!! Hallelujand and Amen!

gawilli said...

Agreed. Good riddance.

Nancy said...


I know you are not supposed to blame everything on one person or one administration but, I honestly feel that Karl Rove did more damage to our country than any other person in recent history.

Am I wrong to think that he was partially responsible for the deaths of those miners in Utah?

The Mine Owner's association has given more than 60 million to the party during the Bush presidency.
So naturally the mine owners were not forced to put more safety practices in place at the mines.

Can you imagine that in this day and age they could not communicate with the trapped miners? They said cell phones and walkie talkies do not work to those depths and I believe it. How about a regular telephone line? That would work. They talk on phones from all sorts of places more remote than a mine. But the owners never bothered to install the lines because they were not forced by the government to have any more safety features than they wanted to provide and obviously it wasn't enough.

Dogwalkmusings said...

One can only hope he won't be back again!

Kell said...

Here here!

Kell said...

Or is that "hear hear"? I've never known for sure.

How about Hurrah!

John said...

I'm surprised to here about Bush losing his 'brain'. I never thought that he had one.

Sister--Three said...

i will drink to this...and I do not even drink..but I will take a taste for good riddance to Rove!
Hope he stays in Texas! In the middle of tEXAs I see a word that fits him good. spelled backwards it's axe!

Joy Des Jardins said...

Cheers Betty! I guess we're all wondering about that.

Annie said...

Cheney, the muiscle, is his renewed and even more dangerous brain. Have you seen those popular Count Down calendars at Barnes and Noble, the ones that count down the days till the end of the Bush administration?