Monday, July 09, 2007


Well, the members of the Rainbow Gathering have gathered up all their belongings, cleaned up the area, and gone home. The Federal Agents were vigilant, and hauled in lots of them for various infractions, all of them misdemeanors. The fines ranged from $25.00 to around $250.00, gladly paid. When I heard of the hundreds of agents surrounding the area, I couldn't help but picture the scene in "The Godfather". You remember it. Don Corleone's daughter is getting married and all the Mafia families are in attendance. Outside, you see Federal Agents moving from car to car, writing down license plate numbers. In this instance, however, they were taking license plate numbers from colorfully painted VW buses and pick-em-up trucks. And, they weren't in danger of Sonny coming out and chasing them away.

So, bye-bye Rainbow Gathering. See you next year in one of the Federal Parks. All in all, you were happy, peaceful visitors.


Cindy Sheehan says she is going to run as an Independent against Nancy Pelosi. We can probably count on one hand the number of votes she'll get. Give it up, Cindy. Yesterday' hero quickly turns into today's crackpot, if the protests go on too long. We have a very short attention span, and get bored easily.


The headline read "Take Up Arms In Defense, Iraqui Leaders Tell Civilians" Well, that shouldn't bother our leaders too much. After all, they agree that everyone should be armed to the teeth in this country, so why shouldn't the Iraquis have guns. The difference, of course, is that they aren't too worried here at home, that we will rise up against them, whereas the Iraqis might very well attack the American troops, trying to chase us away.


Clay Aiken was apparently involved in an altercation with another passenger on a Continental Airlines flight, while enroute to Tulsa. Later, on stage, Clay told the audience that he had been beaten up by a girl. I do love a good cat fight.


About 35,000 people descended on Roswell, New Mexico over the weekend for the 2007 "Amazing Roswell UFO festival". The festival includes live concerts, a Main Street parade and a bunch of lectures with titles such as "What Does Nasa Really Know?", and others pondering Body Snatchers. Another fun time was had by all.


That's about all for now. Keep watching the news for the parade of Congressment who will shortly appear before the cameras to admit that their names are in the Washington Escort Service's little black book. Louisiana Republican, Davit Vitt, has jumped ahead of everyone to apologize to his family, God, and anyone else who might have been hurt by his behavior.

It'll be interesting to see if any of them can reach the standard set by Jimmy Swaggart.


patsy said...

no one could top jimmy. i saw him the other day on cabel. he has like some others i know got old. donnie was preaching but couldn't hold a candel to his father. jimmy's wife was a no show, guess she gave it up.jimmy could still sing and play the organ.i did enjoy their singing until jimmy got caught with the ho'

Tink said...

I HATE Clay Aiken. Did you hear why he got in a fight with the female passenger? He wouldn't remove his foot from HER arm rest so she shoved it.

Kell said...

Do we care whose name is in that book? Are we surprised? Do we believe the apologies?

Newt said...

Ok, I LOVE to people watch and I think between the Rainbow Gathering and Roswell I would have gone into a blissful coma. Dang, I can only imagine how fabulous the people watching would be. Especially Roswell. Tin Foil hats and all. Oh, I gotta start going to more festivals..........

Nancy said...


I can picture it now. Primary day in San Francisco. A voter is mulling over her choice for Congresswoman. She's thinking, "Let's see, I have a representative in Congress who is probably the most powerful woman on the Hill. In fact, She is the Speaker of the House.Hmmmmm...Who shall I vote for? I know, Cindy Sheehan...Yeah! That's the ticket. Cindy Sheehan........

savannah said...

i love it...i am smiling through my medicated haze, sugar!

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Oh ye of little faith. You forget what part of the country that Sheehan is in. Mine. She could actually do some damage to Pelosi's campaign given the number of people on drugs around here. ;)

susan said...

Clay actually told people that a *girl* beat him up! too funny!

Poor Cindy...she really went off the deep end.

Sister--Three said...

Betty, I was thinking may have to take up a new name.
you know, old dog new trick...does not really fit you anymore as you have this trick down pretty good.

i do enjoy all of what you write. i don't watch the news so i get some info here. I do read the paper, but not all this stuff is in there. teehee