Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Are You Scared Yet?

Yesterday, President Bush made a speech in which he proved that he can finally pronounce all the names of the people he considers terrorists. Then, he said, and I'm not quoting him word for word, that he is now able to tell us that the Al Quaeda that is in Iraq has ties to the Al Quaeda that attacked the twin towers. Duh! And, he said, he rejects the claim that the war in Iraq has brought Al Qaeda there. But, we'd better be very afraid, because the terrorists will get us if we don't watch out.

Today, we see why he made that speech. He was leading up to today's news which is, "The terrorists MAY be making trial runs, by bringing dangerous things aboard airplanes and testing the system. They want to see if security is lax.

Hand me the duct tape and cling wrap, Martha! I'll cover the windows and keep us safe!


Jane Bryant Quinn has an excellent article in Newsweek. Bottom line, she says that Universal Health Care is definitely possible, and, in fact will save money. She explains, step by step, how this can be accomplished. Sounds reasonable to me.

President Bush doesn't approve of "government run health care" - Medicare - and says he'll veto veto a bill to bring 3.3 uninsured children into the State Children's Health Insurance Program. This sounds pretty mean spirited to me.

We might as well bite the bullet and include Universal Health Care in the Medicare program. As Jane B. Quinn's article points out, it would probably save us all money - but, of course the insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies won't like having to compete with lower prices. Too bad.


Lindsey Lohan. There she was, arrested once again for drunk driving, and maybe a drug count this time. You'd think her parents would be there trying to help her wouldn't you? No. Who knows where her mother was, and her father, fresh out of jail himself, was appearing on Larry King Live. And, we wonder why she keeps on getting in trouble.

There is a good probability that she will go to jail for six months, and now, with Paris Hilton doing "good works", who will the media find to obsess over so they won't have to talk about serious problems?


I hear J. K. Rowlings is planning yet another Harry Potter book. She says that she'll tie up loose ends that she didn't have space for in the last book. Personally, I think if she had taken out about half of the long, boring descriptions in the last book, she might have been able to have a longer Epilogue. Unlike her other books, this book was full of passages that could be skipped. Just my humble opinion.


I'm thinking about all my Blogbuddies today, and hoping they are not in areas that are being flooded.


It's a low-energy day, so that's all I have for now.


Tink said...

Wait. Rowling is thinking of making ANOTHER book?? Woohoo!

Dogwalkmusings said...

Pretty "thumbs up" post for a low-energy day!

Sister--Three said...

Bush can't get to us any other he is trying to scar us to death. I am more scared of what he will do than any terrorist.

Politicians I guess are all just blabbing to hear themselves talk. Nixon had us all move our thermostats up in the you remember his speech about energy. Then we learn 35 years later that he was sitting in that room with a fire in the fireplace and the air running full blast.

wonder how good of gas milage Bush's car gets?

Newt said...

Ya know, I can say there is one thing I can rely on with Bush, he's going to say something stupid every time he opens his mouth. And you know what, he hasn't disapointed me yet.

And I'm not sure I like the idea of another Harry book. I actually have to say she might want to leave a good thing alone. I can't believe I am saying that. But seriously, it's not like she needs the money. Sheesh. Sometimes dragging something out sorta ruins it. Ya know?

Betty said...

tink: That may just be a rumor. We'll see.

dogwalkmusings: Thanks.

sister-three: And, he still has 18 months in office.

newt: There's one thing you can count on with Bush. If his mouth is moving, he's lying.

gawilli said...

Bush. What a mess. I read an article over the weekend about the "branding" of the Iraq war and how they now have decided that we need to "sell" the war effort to the Iraqis as "we will help you". Apparently they didn't buy the "show of force" advertising we tried for the first few years of the war. We paid $400,000 for Rand Corp to do a 211 page study. What a bunch of crap.

Hey Betty. I have tagged you for a moaning meme. Come on by.

Kell said...

I'm with Newt that I'm not wild about the idea of another HP book. I'm surprised she'd even mention it since she's gone out of her way to say that there wouldn't be any more. And I agree with you about it being too long.

Bush--never mind. He's not worth the effort any more.

Betty said...

gawilli: Gee, thanks. No, really. Thanks.

Kell: She supposedly said she hadn't been able to answer everything she wanted to in the last book.

Arkansas Songbird said...

I am so tired of this president. He frightens me far more than any terrorist.

Cazzie!!! said...

For a low energy day I think you wrote quite a good deal of information I would not otherwise have read or heard about..being that I have been too busy to watch the NEWS and all.
Take care :)

her indoors said...

full of good information Betty a lot of thought for a low energy day, we are getting fed up with the rain now far too much of it, the floods have now hit the south of the country, all those poor people who have lost their belongings x

susan said...

I heard it was supposed to be some sort of encyclopedia that just ties things up and gives a little more info about some of the lesser developed characters.

And don't worry about the media, they still have Britney.

patsy said...

bush makes me want to vomit.

Annie said...

Well, among your readers Betty, there is no positive sentiment about Bush's policies. I will join the chorus here to say that his elections should serve as cautionary tales to us all.

Dirk_Star said...

A couple comments on your post today...

Its all funny until the first dirty cheese bomb goes off and we're all buried in cheddar.

Have you seen the movie An Inconvenient Truth"

You'll view the flooding in a whole new context...

The movie is brilliant.