Monday, June 04, 2007

Where's The Outrage?

So, it turns out, that humongous hog was farm raised. It got so big, the owner sold it to another guy, who, in turn penned it up and let people "hunt" it. The kid who killed it punped about 16 bullets into the poor thing.

This is not hunting, folks. That hog couldn't have gotten away if it wanted to, and I'm sure it wanted to when the shooting started. Besides, I think killing it that way was tantamount to torture.


Speaking of killers - serial killers, that is - Jack "Dr. Death" Kevorkian was released from prison over the weekend. I don't think anything can ever convince me that he was just a compassionate person, wanting to relieve suffering. Nope. That dog won't hunt. This guy just liked watching people die. He should have lost his medical license decades ago.

It is one thing to follow a person's wishes by simply not using any extraordinary means of keeping him/her alive, but another thing altogether to supply that person with the means, the opportunity, and the assistance to do away with himself.


It has come to this. Tom Delay says his adultery was different from New Gingrich's adultry. His wasn't as bad because he found God, and New didn't.

Oh, well, that's ok, then.


How about that guy with the drug-resistant case of TB. Thought it would be ok if he infected two planeloads full of people so he could come home and see his own doctor. Now, he blames it on his wife. He says she is the one who urged him to just go, after he was warned not to.

That's right, blame the little woman. Actually, she might have had a plan in mind. Have you seen the news photos of her "posing" with him? When she crops him out of them, they'll be added to her portfolio, no doubt.

But, perhaps I'm too cynical.


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CarmenSinCity said...

I hadn't even heard about this idiot with TB. I'm so behind on current events. I'll have to go read about that. The pig killer is ridiculous. That was so mean and you are right - it's not hunting if the pig has no way to escape.

HoosierGirl5 said...

I hadn't heard about the latest with the TB guy. Blaming his NEW wife? Are you kidding? He's a lawyer - he's supposed to have SOME education! Sheesh!

And the giant pig - that's just awful. What chance did he have?

Great post - really interesting.

Dogwalkmusings said...

Terrific post. I agree with every point but the deal about the pig just makes me sick. It would be like my turning Bacchus loose on a game preserve. He'd lick the hand that shot him!

Arkansas Songbird said...

Was the pig killer Huckabee's son?!!

I agree with you on Kevorkian.

Anonymous said...

Dad used to shot the hogs before butchering them. Shot them, bleed them, and then scald and scrape the hair away. The sisters are really farm girls. i don't think Dad thought he was hunting though!

God does not weigh sin...think in a lustful way is just as bad as doing 'it'. Bad is bad, i guess is the way to say it. And we are all bad.

Can't wait to go to chicken ridge and get my chicks. Sis 3

patsy said...

jack, hog and tb all in one post. i alays thought jack wanted to get right to die law in effect. might be ok but next would come death to the old and usless. i don't want that. reason is appraint.

Peggy said...

I've been having trouble with the spacing between paragraphs for AGES. I always have to check the preview first to see if I need to reduce the spaces.

her indoors said...

i thought it was just me having problems with the spacing i just kept altering it so thanks for highlighting that issue.
the hog killing was not a nice thing the boy should not be proud.
the guy with TB is a thoughtless uncaring person!

Sister--Three said...

Betty, something is funny about the tb guy. the strain has been traced to the lab of his new father in law who works for the ccd. Something not right about all of that just like the hog story. From the start it sounded fishy...we may never hear how he was infected by i bet it was not by another person.

John said...

The hog story and picture appeared here in Britain. America always has to have the biggest of everything. :-)

Tink said...

Where'd you find the pictures of his wife? I'm dying to see what the mastermind of this plot looks like. ;)

Queen of Dysfunction said...

See? These are the reasons why I'm shopping for a Montana bunker where newspapers aren't delivered.

Newt said...

We heard rumor that Newt G. was thinking of throwing his hat into the presidential race. Well, it's one way for Bush to not be the absolute worst president in US history. He'd just come in a close second. But the hubster and I said it at the same time, if he somehow were to become president we'd leave the country that night.

Annie Lou said...

Dr Kevorkian may be just as you described. A guy who liked to see people die. BUT, there is another side of the story, as usual.

I went to a High School football game 30 years ago and watched as the quarterback was "blitzed" and never got up. Turns out he was paralyzed for life. Could only move his eyes and mouth. No feeling or movement from the neck down. He was 17 years old. he lived in the misery of his wheel chair for 20 years, having his family feed him and bathe him. Naturally he was very depressed and wanted his life to end.
As his condition deteriorated he made contact with Jack Kevorkian and, with the consent,if not the blessings, of his family, made his way to Michigan where Dr. K. helped to put him out of his misery.
I'm not sure that the doctor enjoyed seeing the man die but I am sure that the family of the man thought it was the right thing to do to help their loved one die with a little dignity.