Sunday, May 20, 2007

Political Meme

Jay did this Meme and I thought it looked a bit different from the others, so here goes.

Stem Cell Research - For it.

Cloning -Opposed. Especially human cloning. I have enough trouble dealing with one version of each person, let alone a whole bunch of them. With most people, one is more than enough.

Illicit Drug Use -Opposed.

Abstinence Only Sex-Ed: I think it is very important to teach methods of birth control, as well as explaining the consequences of having unprotected sex, along with abstinence only. I believe in full disclosure, with all the gory details of HIV, Aids and other diseases. Parents need to be open and listen to their children and answer their questions fully. The schools shouldn't be expected to do it for them.

Emergency Contraceptives- The morning after pill? I'm for it. But, like birth control pills, the insurance companies probably wouldn't cover it, either.

Gun Control -Generally opposed to any more laws concerning gun control. We should enforce the ones we have.

Hunting- For it. Most of the hunters I know hunt for food as well as fun. It's no worse than fishing, in my book. Just don't ask me to pull the trigger, bait the hook, gut the deer or clean the fish.

Gay Marriage - Why not? And, I don't see anything wrong with allowing gays to adopt, either.

Pornography -Ugh. If that's what floats your boat, ok. But, don't read those dirty magazines where I can see them (do you hear me, young man who was on the airplane across the aisle from me the last time I flew?)

Abortion - I don't think I could ever have one, but I'm not going to tell another woman that she can't, and besides it's legal. It's much too personal a decision, it's her decision and her husband's and her doctor's. And, if a minor is too afraid to go to her parents for help, she should be able to seek help from a doctor and there should be a way for her to get counseling without her parents knowing. Too many girls would be thrown out of their homes, because their parents are so rigid that they can't or won't help.

Capital Punishment - I'm against it, except when I'm for it. I'm sure that if I anyone in my family or among my friends was murdered, I would want to throw the switch myself. But, I don't think it acts as a deterrent. I'm just glad I don't have to make the decision.

Affirmative Action -I'm against it. I know how and why it came about, but I'm just not for giving an unqualified person a job, when you have a qualified person available. I believe the concept failed, even though it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Prostitution - I think it should be legalized and regulated and taxed.

Child Labor - Against it. It's hard enough for adults to find jobs these days, without having to compete against children who are probably cute and precocious and will make the adults look older than they really are.

Online Dating -I'm old fashioned enough to think that this could be very dangerous. But, apparently I'm in the minority, so go ahead, have a good time.

Drinking then Driving -Stupid and irresponsible. And, sleeping it off in a jail cell isn't near as comfortable as watching your own bedroom spin around.

The Electoral College - I think it would take forever to determine who won if we used only the popular vote. But, I don't like the idea that about five states can determine the winner. So, we need to come up with something that will reflect the will of the people in every state.

Separation of Church and State -Absolutely for it.

Interracial Dating/Marriage - Who cares? When two sets of hormones are calling to each other, they don't take race into consideration. Or age or sex, for that matter.

Keeping the pledge in school -I grew up saying the Pledge without the phrase "Under God". It was changed while I was still in school, so I said it that way. I can't say it made much difference one way or the other. However, if it were put to a vote, I'd vote to keep that phrase out of it, in the interest of separating church and state, and just to be ornery.

Arranged Marriage -Totally and completely oppose. I'd like to see someone tell me who I was going to marry.

Prayer In School - We are already allowed to have prayer in school. Anyone who wants to can say a prayer, or grace, or have a moment of quiet reflection. It's just that the school administration and teachers can't force prayer on the students or each other. And, that's the way it should stay.

National Healthcare - Gotta have it. Things are getting worse all the time. Somehow, we have to break the hold that the pharmaceutical and insurance companies have on our Senators and Representatives. It may finally come down to electing more and more Independents to office.

The Patriot Act - Give me a break. The purpose of the Patriot Act was to give the Republicans complete control and take away some very important rights. And, it almost worked. Once again, we might have to elect a bunch of Independents to office, and end up with a third party.

Legalization of Marijuana -For medial purposes, yes. However, have you ever gazed into the eyes of someone who was high on Marijuana? The lights may be on, but there's nobody home, in most cases.

Censorship -Against it in all it’s forms. Which brings me to Don Imus. I think firing him was overkill in the extreme. I also think it's folly to believe that we can make Rap (I refuse to call it music) squeaky clean. We practice censorship on our own all the time. Don't like Imus? Don't listen. Don't buy the products who sponsor him. Don't like Rap? Don't listen. Don't like sex and violence in movies? Don't go to the theaters and don't buy the DVDs. But, don't try to tell others what to watch or listen to, and don't pretend you're doing it "for their own good." You're not. So, let's just leave each other alone, 'kay?

Racism -Again, completely and totally opposed.

Downloading Music (for free) - I don't know, but if it's illegal, don't do it.

Uniforms in School - Against. But, I do believe in dress codes. I know that some people's children are better dressed than others, but uniforms aren't the answer to that. The answer to that kind of inequity is to sit Tommy and Tiffany down and explain to them that the reason that Jimmy can wear Nikes and Tommy has to have Keds, and Muffy can have Manolo Blahniks and Tiffany has to wear sandals from Shoes-R-Us is because their parents have more money than yours do, and isn't that just too damn bad. Life ain't fair. Suck it up and quit whining. This will be a good character builder for your little darlings in the long run.

Animal Testing - Some testing is probably necessary, but absolutely no vivisection, please.

Nuclear Enegery - I'm in favor of anything that will lower my utility bills. And, if neuclear energy can make my car go, I'm in favor of that, too.


Annie said...

It's clear you have attained wisdom, Betty.

Chancy said...

I enjoyed reading this. I agree with much of what you said.

grannymar said...

Very thought provoking. I thought most of this won't apply to me here in Ireland - but it all does.

Queen of Dysfunction said...

I really liked this meme, but both times I've read it (on yours and Jay's blogs) I laughed at the "racism" item.

I mean really, who's going to say "Hell yeah, I'm for racism!"

Ok. Never mind. I actually know people who would.

susan said...

Amazingly, I almost completely agree with you. Well, except for the cloning. I could certainly use about three more of me. Then when we get done with all we need to do we could sit down and have a good ol' talk with ourselves and nobody would think anything of it!!!

her indoors said...

great answers and lol at susans cloning answer!!!

Nancy said...

Hi betty,

I agree with almost everything you said.
About the Electoral College, I had an experience that made me think about its consequences.
I was out of State when the 1992 Presidential Election was going to take place, so I applied for an absentee ballot. So did another person in our group. I was from the State of Pennsylvania and she was from the State of Nevada.I intended to vote for Bill Clinton and her vote was going to George H.W.Bush. Because of this she proposed that since our votes would cancel each other out, we should just forget about the absentee ballots. I thought about it and realized that if my one vote sent Clinton over the top in PA. he would get 23 Electoral votes,but if my friend's one vote sent Bush over the top in Nevada he would get only 4 Electoral votes.So, did that mean that my vote was worth almost 6 times as much as her vote? I'd like to hear all of your thoughts on this.

Lorna said...

Very good answers, Betty. Gave me some things to think about. hugssssssssssss

gawilli said...

You said it, sister. I could copy and paste your answers into my blog. There was not one that was off. Interesting. In addition, you said it far better than I could have.

As for legalization of marijuana, you have got to watch this clip. I hope this pastes well. So funny. If it doesn't, I'll be back.

Cazzie!!! said...

Very interesting comments, I love seeing what is on your mind Betty.

MarmiteToasty said...

Hey :) - loved reading this post..... everyone has such different views on so many subjects, I related to many but also was different on many.....

Fanks for popping by me blob, your welcome anytime......


Sister--Three said...

Very good thoughts.

Arkansas Songbird said...

Great post, Betty! I agreed with almost everything you wrote. So many people around here make prayer in school such a huge issue. When someone starts preaching to me about it, I tell them that I pray in school every day....often more than once.

patsy said...

on abortion, sex ed, gays and church and state i agree with you. i find it amazing how much i agree with you. must be great minds are

patsy said...

i also think don imus was over kill. i think they ought to legalise all drugs. i told some one that and they said but the users would use it till they died so i said good ridness.