Sunday, March 04, 2007

Dream a Little Dream

Lately, I have been dreaming a lot about my old job. Just about every night or so, here they come again, all those people I used to work with. I even see dead people, people I worked with, who have now passed on. The disturbing thing about the dreams is that not one of those ungrateful wretches likes me. Especially, my various bosses.

There are even people in my dreams who never even worked in my office. They were in the home office, in St. Louis. They don't like me, either. What did I ever do to them?

And, it's not enough that I dream about them at night. I even dream about them in my afternoon nap. Today, one of them accused me of stealing her shawl, the bitch. A couple of them are even afraid of me.

Anybody out there do dream analysis?


I have been known to have dreams that came true. Weird, huh? My grandmother and I once had the same dream, and it came true. We only found out later that we had simultaneous dreams. And they weren't happy ones.

Grandma used to say she was psychic. Although she came to the U.S. from England, her family originated in Ireland, I think. Maybe she was related to Bridey Murphy. She also claimed that I had inherited the trait. Not if I can help it.


I have lots of recurring dreams, most notably the one where I can't find my car. I go right to where I think I've parked it, and it's not there. This doesn't happen in any Wal-Mart parking lot, mind you. It's on a residential street, and there's an empty space by the curb where I know I parked it.


Then, there's the dream in which I'm trying to call someone, and I dial and dial and dial, and never connect. I keep hanging up and starting over, but all I can do is dial.

Hello, out there, hello.


A friend of mine was doing a doctoral thesis on dream analysis one time, and asked me if I ever had recurring dreams. Did I ever! At the time, I happened to be dreaming a couple of times a week that there was a lion in our driveway at home. And, my aunt was coming to visit, and my mother was next door. I hollered at her to come home the front way, because of the lion.

Then, my aunt drove in, and jumped out of the car and threw a big chunk of meat to the lion and she ran into the house. Whew! Was I tired when I woke up.

And, do you know what my idiot friend told me was the meaning of the dream? Well, I'll tell you. He said the lion symbolized my mother. Sheesh! Didn't I just tell him that my mother was next door?

And, he thought he was going to be a psychologist! m-hmm.


And, then, there was the one where I was standing at the top of the stairs in front of Robinson Auditorium in Little Rock, and daddy was at the bottom of the stairs. I started down them, and they just kept stretching out before me, and I could not get to the bottom. He had recently died.

So, I guess I can analyze that one for myself.


So, what do you think? Am I crazy or what? Then, why doesn't anybody like me, and I can't get them on the phone and, Dude! Where's my car ?


Ellie said...

I have never had any of my dreams analyzed. But I know that there are a ton of books out there that assist in this sort of thing. I do think that dream analysis is can be very interesting.

Jay said...

Maybe the phone one is actually you clicking on the links on your blogroll and blogger won't work.

You're probably just crazy though. ;-)

Kell said...

Well, I could be wrong, but I think the lion was your mother, too. Your aunt was always a buffer, especially when your mom was sick. She did kind of throw things in your mom's way to get her off your back, didn't she? In dreams, the logic of your mother being next door doesn't enter into it, really. Could be telling that your mother lived next door--you'd never do that.

The car? You've always worried about forgetting where your car is, and you worry about getting to a stage where you can't drive and you feel trapped when you can't drive your car.

The phone dream sounds like you may be bored with your routine.

But I could just be full of it :-0)

susan said...

Kell makes sense to me. But then what do I know anyways? ;)

I rarely ever remember my dreams. It makes me feel so left out when everyone is talking about theirs...

her indoors said...

wish i was physic! i am with susan there i rearly remember my dreams, mind you the ones i do remember i wish i hadn't!!

Annie said...

I tend to think that dreams are just our little psychic steam valves - releasing whatever pressure has built up through the day. It sounds like you built up some pressure over worrying about the meaning of the dreams. Could that be what's keeping them repeating themselves? If we believe that our dreams are about something(s) going on in our lives, we might believe that every part of a dream represents something about ourselves - anxiety, fear, frustration, hate, etc. etc.

Sure does get in the way of a good restful sleep, though, when those dreams become bothersome.

Anonymous said...

I have the dream about not finding things like my purse and car. And going to school in baby doll pjs that I had when i was 11 but now I am almost 60...
Sis 3

gawilli said...

Mostly I work in my dreams. What's with that? I don't ever give them too much credence. Maybe you shouldn't either.

Joy Des Jardins said...

You're not crazy Betty. Dreams are a curious and mysterious phenomenon. They can be totally distorted and nonsensical as we dream them...and yet in our dream state they often make sense. It's not until we're awake and remember dreaming them that they sound completely disconnected and insane.

I've had an on-going dream for years where my four children and I are on top of this extremely tall building. My kids are all small..not the adults they are now. One by one they start to fall off the top of this building. My arms become elastic and as they fall they stretch down after them. I keep bringing them all up to to the top safety; but they keep falling off again. I have only two arms...and four kids...and my arms are working so fast to get each a machine; but I can't let any one of them fall. Then finally, they stop going over the edge, and I carry them off the roof. Hmmmmm, that might seem like a pretty easy one to analyze to some people.

As far as the psychic thing....I've been told by three different psychics that I've been psychic since I was a child, but didn't recognize it as such. The things they told me...shook me, to be honest; but I couldn't deny they were right about many things. I have strong feelings about people and situations that turn out to be true; and I've had dreams that have turned out to be accurate. I've never been sure how far I've really wanted to take this; but I've always had the tendency to shrug it off as "coincidence." Those psychics's not. Maybe both of us should pay more attention to it...what do you think?

SongBird said...

I have recurring dreams about my choir kids refusing to sing. I raise my arms, give the downbeat and nothing happens. All those pesky kids just stare at me. I also still dream about being in school and forgetting my locker combination. I feel total panic because I have a big test and I can't get my books out of my locker so I can study for the test. The strange thing is that in reality I never had a locker with a combination lock.

Newt said...

I only had a few recurring dreams when I was a kid. But I have also had a few dreams that were so real they haunted me long after I had them.

I get the biggest kick out of my puppies when they dream. Chasing rabbits through the wide open yonder. It's too cute.