Monday, February 05, 2007

What's News?

Amazon has shipped the books I ordered. Just in the nick of time, too. I'm almost finished with my last "unread" book. Bless 'em. They have actually never let me down. This is the longest I've ever had to wait for an order, but they're forgiven, since they're sending it almost two weeks before they said they would. Good ole


Halleluja! He's Cured!
Rev. Ted Haggard has emerged from three weeks of intensive counseling and announced that he is now a "complete heterosexual". He says that little episode with a male prostitute was merely "acting out", just a one-time thing. Now, he and his wife are going back to school to become psychologists, presumably so they can continue to plumb the depths of Ted's psyche and find out why he went astray. While they're at it, they might dabble a bit in the depths of Mrs. Haggard's psyche to find out why she is content to stay with a man who "acts out" in that manner.


How Dry I Am.
And, yet another public official has blamed Demon Rum for his bad behavior. San Francisco's Mayor, after acknowledging an affair with the wife of one of his aides, has announced that he will be seeking treatment for his alcohol use. He didn't say whether he would continue the affair or not.


Houston, We have a problem.
Astronaut Lisa Nowak read a few e-mails between fellow astronauts Colleen Logan and Bill Oefelein and decided that Colleen was much too friendly with Bill. So, she pinned on a diaper so she wouldn't have to make any pit stops and drove 90 miles, straight through, to the Kennedy Space Center to have a little talk with Colleen. Seems she felt SHE had dibs on old Bill, and wanted Colleen to butt out. When she was arrested, after squirting pepper spray through Colleen's window, she was wearing a trench coat and a wig, and carrying said pepper spray, a knife, a BB pistol, a pair of Latex gloves and $600 in cash.

NASA officials say nothing strange ever showed up in the psychological testing that is done periodically. Maybe they just didn't ask the right questions.


Hear me roar.
Would you believe me if I told you that our state legislature is trying to pass a bill ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment? I thought the time for that was long past, but, apparently the states can go on trying to pass it, and then, when there are enough, Congress can be requested to waive the deadline which was, what, Twenty-Five years ago? Will wonders never cease.


Cold as a ....
I turned on the tv a few minutes ago, and there stood a man, all bundled up, on a balcony in Chicago, pounding a frozen banana on a metal railing, thus proving how cold it is there. I submit that he could take off that silly cap, and in just a few short minutes, he can bang his frozen head on the railing, and prove the same thing. Or, he can just look at the weather report that says the wind chill is 40 below.


Hope he's not in Chicago
Harry Potter - NEKKID??? Say it isn't so! And, that's all I have to say about that.


Blogger blast of the day
I'm getting very, very tired of having to sign in with my user name and password in the comments section of so many blogs. I'm already signed in to Blogger, so what's up with that? I thought they would have that fixed by now. And, you know that they have decided they're getting too many complaints when they make it impossible to e-mail them. Can't find anything, anywhere that tells you how to contact them. Grrrrrrrr..


her indoors said...

glad you got your books.
harry potter naked mmmmmm my how he has matured!
i dont have any problems with the comments once i am signed in its fine
happy reading

dc said...

Love all your editorials! You hit the nail on the head.
Hmm, I don't have any trouble with leaving comments once I have signed.
Oh, and I did go to photobucket to transfer pictures. Seems alot of trouble, when I just used to do it directly from Blogger.
Are we getting smarter or just jumping thru the hoops? dc

Tink said...

I like your take on the news much better than those idiots they pay to do it. Could you do this daily? I might never watch TV or read the paper again!

Betty said...

her: It's beginning to sound as though I'm alone with my problem of having to sign into the comments section.

dc: Thanks. I like doing the editorials. I saw you photo on today's post. Glad you're getting the hang of it.

Tink: I enjoy doing my news blogs so much, I just might do one several times a week, at least. Thanks.

Joy Des Jardins said...

You've covered some good stuff here Betty.

I really do wonder how Lisa Nowak slipped under the radar. It looks like she'll be wearing a very different uniform from here on out.

I saw that apology from San Francisco's mayor on TV the other night...I really wonder if he thinks that repairs everything...if only it were that easy.

And as far as the Rev. Haggard...hey, I suppose he thought if it worked for Ann Heche...why not me. And she didn't even go to counseling.

dot said...

I hate the signing in also. Love your comments on everything. We certainly do have a bunch of weirdos in the news!

Newt said...

I have to agree with Tink. Those news briefs of yours rivaled The Daily Show. Keep it up!

Kell said...

I vote for the news briefs, too! I really enjoy those.

The NASA lady? Whew! That's a scary one.

Gene Bach said...

That "Houston we have a problem" story was strange. Wearing a diaper so she didn't have to stop to pee? LOL! Sometimes you just have to wonder.

Betty said...

Welcome, Gene. I took a look at your blog, too. Looks interesting, so I'll be back.

Anonymous said...

I set my blog up like yours
so folks can just sign their
name and hit the anonymous
button. You can not go find
me but I really don't care if
you find me or not.

I stay signed in until I click
out off the internet, when I go
back to the computer and hit my
internet button, I would have to
sign on does get old
as my sign is a long string of
letters, etc. And I usually type it wrong the first time and have to again.

I just got 5 new books from Amazon. I have already read all but one. My friend said to re-sell them. They are all history books about the Rev. War period. I doubt there in anyone out there with interest like me, but maybe.

Have a good day and read one of your new books. I must head out for work.
Sis 3

Queen of Dysfunction said...

I would like to see someone bang their frozen head against a railing. Now that would be entertaining!

susan said...

LOL I love the idea of Betty's Daily Blog...only with a better name. Your dry commentary at the end is what really makes it.

I too, have to sign in all the time. But then again, I use Wordpress. Although blogs that use typepad or word journal remeber my info. It's just blogger...

John said...

'Frozen banana' - Did it 'split' ? :-)

Peggy said...

I'm still stuck on the guy who is now CURED of homosexuality. Anybody believe him?

SongBird said...

Your take on the news is so much more entertaining than the reports I hear on the radio!!

I hadn't heard about the Arkansas legislature working on the Equal Rights Amendment. I wonder if they will get around to repealing the Volstead Act next?

deadpanann said...

I'm getting very, very tired of having to sign in with my user name and password in the comments section of so many blogs.

Amen to that. I grit my teeth every time I sign in. And re-signin. And re-re-sign in. Actually, you'll probably never read this comment because I've just realized that I'm not signed in.

Maya's Granny said...

It's not really cold until you can throw a glass of water up and have ice come down.