Friday, February 09, 2007

Little Bits

Jay asked, "So, who do you think will be buried first - Anna Nicole Smith or James Brown?"


It seems that the Arkansas Department of Corrections has a policy that when a pregnant inmate gives birth, she must be chained to the table. They justify this by saying, "These are not just everyday gals. Many of them have serious problems." Well, yeah, not the least of which is being shackled to the stirrups while struggling to pop out a baby.

It has been suggested that either locking the door or stationing a guard outside the room would suffice. Because, it is probably fair to say that the last thing on these womens' minds is how they can escape the birthing room. I'm pretty sure all they can think about is how to make the pain stop.


It's a good thing that Nancy Pelosi is a strong woman. She's going to need to be if her first month as Speaker of the House is any indication. They're simply out to get her.

I don't know who started the rumor that the "liberal media" so gleefully plucked off the internets and ran with, but it is patently absurd, as even White House Press Secretary Tony Snow said in yesterday's press briefing.

Someone said Sen. Pelosi had demanded a bigger airplane to fly her back and forth to California, because the itty-bitty one she was having to use had to stop and refuel enroute. This is the same Sen. Pelosi who said, after finding out that all the available Air Force jets were in use, "OK, I'll fly commercial." An proceeded to do just that.

In fact, Sen. Pelosi had no hand in requesting a plane big enough to fly non-stop. The negotiations were conducted by the House sergeant at arms and the Pentagon without her knowledge or that of the White House.

As to the further claim that Sen. Pelosi wanted the bigger plane so she could bring all of her friends and family to Washington to visit. In fact, she IS allowed to bring family members with her, but they have to pay government coach fares. I don't know how much the fares are, but since it's the government, it's probably 'way up there, and higher than commercial fares, don'cha think?

Flying the Speaker around in Air Force planes started just after 9/11, when it was decreed that we couldn't have the man (emphasis on "Man") who is third in line for the crown - er - presidency flying commercial.

They must be rethinking the whole thing, now that there's an uppity woman who qualifies for the same treatment.

Don't get me started.


Tonight, Jay Leno said that one of the Tabloids is reporting that "Prince Charles has demanded that Camilla have cosmetic surgery, in order to save their marriage."
This, from a Tabloid.

But, it got me thinking. (There I go, again.) Maybe the doctor would agree to a "twofer" and pin Charles's ears back for him. And, Wouldn't it be funny if Camilla had the surgery and came out of it looking like Diana?

OK, that lowered the level. I think I'll quit, now.


Peggy said...

It has always been a great comfort to me that Prince Charles preferred Camilla over Diana. It says that he prefers substance over style, not saying that Camilla doesn't have style coming out her ears, but its of a different sort. Diana was beautiful and charming, but even her most strident fans couldn't accuse her of being bright. It gives us women of substance but who would never make the cover of Vogue a bit of a lift.

Peggy said...

Oh, and shame on the Arkansas Department of Corrections! That is inhumane, barbaric and should be stopped immediately!!!!!

her indoors said...

you would think that charles would have had his ears pinned back i mean if you got the money why would you choose to look like that!

dc said...

OK, you hit on a topic that I have some expertise, Being a retired RN, I worked in OB for about 10 years, and did help in delivery rooms with female shackled to the delivery table and a guard out side the door. At least the guard didn't have to stand at the bedside! I remember feeling sorry for the gals, but they seemed to accept it without complaint. NOW, are you ready, the last 7 years I worked in corrections, and have seen the other side of the coin. We had women at the facility for about a year and it was my job to make rounds and listen to their complaints and provide care as needed. Man give me the men inmates anytime. Guess I should just write my own blog post about this huh? Anyway there are 2 sides to everything, and custody does have a job to do. Many women are in prison by association too, Like association with crimminal boy friends and getting arrested just because they are there. Well there I go again. Later. dc

Betty said...

dc: I would like to read a blog post by you on the subject. Our state has such a history of bad prison systems, it would be interesting to read about someone else's.

Betty said...

her indoors: You would think so, wouldn't you. It's not as if he can't afford it. LOL

peggy: I don't like the way the press pounds on Camilla. I would think she would make a much better wife than Diana.

Chancy said...

Betty I got a good laugh out of your suggestion about a twofer for Charles and Camilla. His ears could use some pinning back :)

PS I answered your question about "To Kill A Mockingbird" on my blog;

Thanks for the comment..

Newt said...

I just love when you are on a roll. You crack me up. Imagine what hell will break loose if dare we say a woman gets in that white house. Oh holy crap........

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your view of the news. I loved it. Other Betty

dot said...

You are so funny! I heard on the news yesterday that Camilla is having a hysterectomy but not for cancer.