Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Change Is Good, Etc.

Old people generally don't like change very much.

I had been having my prescriptions filled at the same pharmacy for the past, oh, thirty years, but things got so ridiculous, I realized I had to change pharmacies, when the new Walgreens opened here. Gloom, dispair and agony on me.

My pharmacy used to be so handy, right there in the same building as my doctor's office. Then, it was sold to someone who moved to another building, and began systematically screwing up everybody's prescriptions. Oh, they didn't get the meds or dosages wrong, not with mine, anyway. They just became extremely inefficient. At one point, I had a little talk with them about their shortcomings. I got the distinct feeling that I was being looked upon as a dotty little old lady with a gripe.

Every time I went to pick up a refill, they said they only had a certain amount, and I'd have to come back and pick up the rest another day. I started calling in my refill two and three days ahead of time, with the same result. While a rare occurance, at first, it eventually became the norm. Finally, when I got the same note from the doctor twice in a row, telling me it was time for blood work, and I knew that I had just HAD blood work done, I got mad. And, you just don't want to make a dotty old lady mad.

Then, Walgreens came to town. And, this dotty old lady learned that change can be good.


And, now I have to change peanut butters. It will be almost impossible because there are so many kinds - crunchy, creamy (I like creamy), with grape jelly mixed in (ugh)and laced with honey. Flipping a coin between Jif and Skippy, I bought a small jar of Skippy. I don't expect much, but I'm trying to keep an open mind.

And, hoping that Peter Pan will soon be safe and back on the shelves.


Every time I read a book by James Michener, I say never again. No more 1000 page tomes full of excruciating details dating back to the dawn of time.

Then, I see another one or two I haven't read and I'm drawn like a moth to a flame. And so, I am now reading "Alaska". I'm on page l38 of 1073. What was I thinking? And, now, I'm hooked. I have slogged through the Russian occupancy, and the U.S. of A has just now bought Alaska and doesn't have a clue what to do with it.

I have always had a fascination with Alaska, though, and I'll hang on every word to the bitter end, though I think it will probably rob me of a month of my life.

Then, I'll start reading "Texas".

Then, I'll swear off Michener, again. Sigh.


There has been a bit of a debate going on in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Letters to the Editor lately. People are lining up and choosing sides on the issue of tipping or not tipping waitpersons in restaurants. Should we or shouldn't we? How much? Should we allow them to tell us what percentage to tip?

Waitpeople work hard trying to satisfy people like the aforementioned dotty old lady, so I never mind tipping. However, I DO mind the reason why it's necessary. I think restaurant owners should have to pay at least minimum wage. How have we let this travesty go on so long? A tip should be a reward for good service, like a bonus, not a subsidy of someone's pay.

So there.


Hey, Britney! I don't think a half-day in rehab is gonna do it for ya.


Jay said...

With your hatred for the state of Texas, I'm surprised you are going to read that book.

I think that restaurants that have revenues above a certain level should have to pay the "regular" minimum wage.

Maybe if the rehab center had a full bar Briney would stay?

dot said...

I'm sick of Britney, Anna Nichole and a few others!
I agree that restaurants should have to pay the wait people more but I really wish they wouldn't "honey,baby, or sugar" me and would just let me eat my meal in peace. All that coming back to ask "is everything ok?" is irritating.

susan said...

Oh no...I think I must be a dotty old lady because I hate change too...even if it is for the better!

I hate *having* to tip someone a certain percentage no matter how much effort they put into it. I waited tables for a few years and really appreciated getting those great tips...

Dogwalkmusings said...

You are genius personified. A selection of topics totally in sync with my own thinking and yet you make me double over with laughter.

Thanks for that!

Kell said...

Just for the record, I changed to Skippy a long time ago. I love it.

I don't mind tipping because they're doing a job I don't want to do, but I don't like that I have to because they make so little because the restaurant owners can get away with it. And I didn't like having to tip my hairdresser until I found out that she had to buy all her supplies except the hair products (but had to use what the owner wanted to sell).

claude said...

It's a long time since I've read a Michener book, but it's just as you said. You wonder why you ever started and then can never stop until it's over! ;)
I am a dotty old lady too, but I like change. Sometimes I wonder why ;)

John said...

Strange that you should write about your pharmacy, for Sainsbury's the UK supermarket giant has just opened one in their store near to where I live and I feel very sorry for our excellent local pharmacist who serves our community so well.

With service charges now common in Europe most people either leave nothing or just a small tip as a little extra for good service. I once had some American friends who owned a restaurant in Pennsylvania which was staffed by their own family. I found it very strange when dining there with other members of that family that they would still leave a tip.

dc said...

Gotta love Michener!! Just finished a small one, The Journey, about proper English Men traveling across Canada to the gold fields. Let me know how you like Alaska, I haven't tackled a big one of his since Centennial. But what a great book. I even got to drive thru Centennial, Wy. back in the mid 90's Beautiful valley, not much there.

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Oh c'mon, how can you not like Michener? His books are better than NyQuil.

Cazzie!!! said...

First time visit to your blog off of Gollywobbles'back.
I love this post. I am a nurse, and I know people do not like change, especially elderly people. They have their lives in order, they are happy to go on with that and be able to concentrat on their retirement, not just their bowel movements. Then again, bowel movements are important, because we all know if we don't eat we don't shit and if we don't shit we can die!!
So when a pharmacy does this to a person it is just plain not fair!!! What if they only gave you half of your meds and not the other half? What if the other half constituted some heart med or some blood thinning med and you ran out of it??? Prescriptions are there for a reason, the pharmacy should be filling them out when submitted!!! I agree with you.
Too many times have I seen patients arrive in the ED and they haven't had their dose of medication due to lack of providing it in the first place..not good.

On the waiter situation, my husband and I tip restaurant waiters for a job well done. Efficient, complimentary, remembering our order, offering something we didn't know you could have...all as a reward. Here in Australia, the waiters are paid a minumum wage, I couldn't agree more with you.
Without good wages there would be no good service. Then, the restaurant industry would surely suffer.

Britt needs to find herSELF. No one can do it for her, and I agree, half a day in rehab won't cut it!!!

Sister--Three said...

Other Betty, will you read the book about Hitler's childhood.
It is called Castle in the Forest.
I want to know if it is any good.
Will you waste your time to see for me...since you and I are one
Betty to some it seems like it would be an ok thing. If you order it from Amazon, I might just buy it for a quarter of what you paid when you finish. It is my Norman that may turn you off...if did Fleta, my other Sis, she said she was not reading anything by that idiot...but I did enjoy his book about the Gilmore killer.

Will you do it. Let me know if you read it.

Am I your id or ego?

Tracey said...

Thank you for making my first visit here such an enjoyable read!

I don't like my jelly mixed in with my peanut butter, quite frankly, and that's a change I, personally, could do without.

Ellie said...

What I hate is change that has been forced upon me, the way it was forced upon you at the pharmacy, it's just irritating.

I've also always been fascinated w/Alaska and in fact would love to go there sometime. It has always been on my list of places I want to go.

Betty said...

Thanks to everyone who commented.


Cazzie: I've been reading your blog, just too lazy to comment. Thanks for the visit.

John: I don't feel a bit sorry for my local pharmacist. It was his own fault he lost a long-time customer.

Welcome Tracy. I'm glad you enjoyed the blog.

Sister 3: Maybe I'm just your evil twin. lol

her indoors said...

prefer crunchy peanut butter and we dont have such a great choice of it over here its either sun-pat or shops own.
as for the prescriptions, the chemists over here would deliver them, free, if they didnt have them in stock

Lorna said...

ARE YOU MY SISTER??????? I think we are related, Betty! hugssssssssss

Joy Des Jardins said...

Britney...STOP! Enough already. I'm sick of seeing her bald head plastered everywhere we look. She's got a lot broken...I'm not sure even rehab can fix her.

The first of the year I had to switch over to Walgreens because of my health insurance. Honestly, I think it's been a pretty good move.

I'm a creamy Skippy person myself.

As far as tipping...I'm a big believer in it...and I usually tip pretty big. I think it stems from the days when all three of my daughters worked for a very well known restaurant chain and totally depended on good tips to survive.

Annie said...

Hi Dotty (want a nickname?), You said it all and you said it very well, too. I heard once that good writers are avid readers and that reading is how they learn to write well. I know you're an avid reader and it's clear what a wonderful writer you are. Thanks for the smiles.

Chancy said...

Betty...I am with you on the change thing. I like routine and I dislike turmoil such as you mentioned with the doctor and the pharmacy. We have been using the pharmacy in the Publix grocery store for a number of years and they are efficient.

I have been trying to get up the nerve to try Costco for some of the prescriptions as they are cheaper but then....I don't like dealing with change.:)

Newt said...

We just watched a show last night it's "Man vs. Nature" or something. A guy gets dumped somewhere with not a whole lot and has to make it to civilization. He went to Alaska and got dropped off on top of a mountain. It was breathtaking, stunning, and almost too beautiful to be true. I was absolutely captivated. I really wasn't all that interested in the survival aspect though there are a few helpful tips on the show. But damn, that place is simple breathtaking.

Redneck. Diva. said...

*sigh* I had to buy a jar of Reese's peanut butter yesterday. It's still sitting on the counter, just staring at me. I can't bring myself to even open it and try it. Peter Pan, come back soon!!! I'll overlook the chunks of glass I found in a jar of you a few years ago and I'll even overlook the salmonella...just COME BACK!