Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Grinch No More

I was going to whine about my bouts of holiday depression, but that would be too, uh, depressing, and besides, I haven't felt that way in recent years. I think I have finally figured out at least one of the reasons I was so Grinchy at Christmas all that time. Having to shop!

When you live in a town the size of Harrison, that is totally Wal-Mart-dependent, you almost have to go out of town to do your Christmas shopping, especially after the kids are grown. That means making plans to go to Springfield, Branson, Fayetteville or Little Rock. Not only do you have to decide when and where to go, but you have to have a pretty comprehensive list of thing to look for. Most times, multiple trips are necessary because you can never find everything you want in one town, let alone one store. It can be incredibly complicated, let me tell you, especially when you're not getting any younger.

But, nowadays, I hardly give Christmas presents a second thought. Sometime around Thanksgiving, I sit down in front of my trusty computer on a Sunday afternoon and shop my chubby little fingers to the bones, humming "Jingle Bells" all the while. It is hugely satisfying to send my purchases to my shopping carts, then on to Checkout, clicking on the option that assures me that my gifts will be wrapped and sent to the doors of the recipients, along with little cards enclosed, carrying the messages I dictated.

When I think of all the years I agonized over having to go into the stores, so many stores, searching for the right gift, I could just weep. All that stress and anxiety and for what? I'll tell you for what. Just so I could take them home and spend a day or two wrapping them and putting them under the tree. And, counting them over and over again, to make sure one person didn't get more gifts than another. And, of course, I always had to rush out for one more for someone.

No more. Now, I click, click, click and check off my list, and I'm through. I can go and sit down with a good book and a glass of egg nog and feel superior.

I have a friend who believes that computers are the devil's spawn and that, at the very least, if she purchases one, some day the black helicopters will land in her front yard and take her away.

She just doesn't know what she's missing.


dot said...

Funny post! I don't do Christmas shopping period. I quit when my kids left home.

her indoors said...

just one egg nog!

Annie said...

That's the way to shop, I agree Betty. I also do most of my shopping for myself via the Internet. I can always find what I need with that one-stop shopping.

John said...

I have to admit that 'Amazon' got most of my business this Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I'm adopted, aren't I?

Kell--your loving daughter too busy shopping to switch to Beta

Anonymous said...

I must admit that Amazon and E-bay has saved the day for me this christmas. About 20 packages arrived at my house this week.

Now I just have to remember buy things for other people!

Gary James

Betty said...

Kell: Now don't start that again! You know Jay was only kidding when he told you that.

Gary: We must always remember to buy ourselves Christmas presents, too.

Her Indoors: Just one good eggnog does it for me. LOL

Joy said...

More and more people are doing ALL of their shopping online. I've gotten a few things that way, but not most of it. Running in and out of stores can be stressful; and I'm enjoying it less and less as I've gotten older, but....I still do it...especially for my grandkids. I could use that glass of egg nog when I'm done. You funny lady, you.

Alan G said...

Since I definitely hate crowded markets and stores and the many rude and inconsiderate people that inhabit those places....the Internet is a prayer answered! :)

Newt said...

At least your friends gift will be easy. Just get her aluminum foil. I'm sure she'll need it to keep the black helicopters away.