Saturday, November 04, 2006

For The Last Time

This is the last time I'm going to talk about this election. Oh,stop celebrating! And, you over there! The "wave" is totally unnecessary. I didn't say it was the last time I was going to bitch and moan about our elected officials. Hah! I thought that would calm you down.

We Democrats simply cannot be complacent about the coming election, even though we keep hearing about what a blowout it is going to be. Listening to the mainstream media can be dangerous, if you're looking for the truth. ABC says it won't publicize any exit polls, ostensibly because they have turned out to be so wrong the last couple of elections. But, that alone can make one suspicious. If there are no exit polls, how can we make the comparison between wht the voters say when they finish voting, and what the results actually are? Just because there is no exit poll broadcast, doesn't mean the election is honest.

I have already voted, and I made sure that there was going to be a paper trail. Or, as sure as I can be, as I watched the poll worker take the rolls of used tape from one office to another in the courthouse. I don't really think we have to worry that much in Arkansas. If things go the way they seem to be leaning, Arkansas will be a solidly Democratic state once again.

Our Rev/Gov. is term-limited, so the race for his office is hotly contested. It doesn't appear to be a very close race, though, with Asa! Hutchinson trailing in the polls. I have a feeling that Asa! burned his bridges here in Arkansas when he took on the job of running the impeachment of Bill Clinton. Clinton was a very popular Governor, here, and a popular President, and I think a lot of people looked upon Asa!'s role as a kind of betrayal of his state.

Asa! certainly didn't receive much of a reward from the Republicans for his part in the impeachment. They had to find some place to put him, so he ended up in Homeland Security, where he was never seen again. And, they didn't even send him funds for his Gubernatorial race this year, which I thought was tacky on their part. So much for "taking one for the team".

I'm certainly hoping the Democrats take back at least the House. But, I'm also well aware that it won't be enough to just have them back in the majority. We have to insist in this and future elections, that they get back to basics and start acting like Democrats, again. President Bush is going to do everything he can to destroy Social Security in the next two years, and we just can't let that happen. We have to let our congressmen and senators know that we are watching, and expecting them to protect seniors and the poor and the children, like they used to do. And, we have to let them know that if they don't, they can and will be replaced, and their replacements can be replaced, until they do the bidding of the people, instead of the corporations.

Any future Democratic candidates for any office are going to have to prove that there is a difference between them and the Republicans. I've had enough of more than just the last six years.

How about you?


gawilli said...

"We have to insist in this and future elections, that they get back to basics and start acting like Democrats, again." AMEN to that.

I worry about complacency. I also worry about the computerized voting machines. And I don't think you should stop talking about this election or the elected officials.

Joy Des Jardins said...

How about you Betty? You said it all...and I couldn't agree more. I've already voted too...and watched my paper trail closely. I've NEVER been so nervous about the outcome of an election as I am about this one....AND the biggie in 2008. I'm tired of being BUSHWHACKED. How long can we hold our breath for the next disaster...we need to pry those "powers that be" hands from around our necks and start to breath some good healthy fresh air. I pray that Nov. 7th is our first step off of life support.

Alan G said...

Nice editorial Betty. I voted last Monday or Tueday. We have thirteen contested races here and three ballot issues. I voted 10 Democrats and 3 Republicans. And I also voted for charitable BINGO. I love Bingo.

As far as labels go, I am your classic "centrist". Independent but not in the sense I would vote for an Independent. I vote for the man or woman I feel will get it right.

And a far as the security of our votes...don't have a clue. After the fiasco of 2000 anything is possible.

Like a lot of folks, I "wish" every incumbent in this election and the 2008 election would get voted "out" so that the majority and minority in Washington would get the message that it is our country too.

Velvet Sacks said...

I agree wholeheartedly, Betty. Good post--and good blog, too. I'll be back to read more.

Annie said...

I want the Democrats to BE Democrats with voices and actions that ring for the welfare of the common people - and I hope they take the House and the Senate too.

Ginnie said...

Right on, Betty. I will vote Tues. and it will be a straight Democratic ticket. I know I should be as open-minded as Alan G. and pick and choose, but I'm so mad about the whole bunch in Washington that I can't be objective. (This is a first for's the worst I have ever seen in my 73 years!!)

Kell said...

Yes, I've had enough, too! I want the people in this country to send a message to that pompous president that we've been watching and we don't like what we see. Even my conservative friends aren't talking about this election. These were the same people who told me that now we'll really see how good this country can be with the proper conservative leadership. Yeah. Done a bang up job, haven't they?

Betty said...

Thanks for your comments everyone. And, welcome, Velvet Sacks. I'll be taking a look at your blog, too.

patsy said...

keep their feet to the fire, betty.

Anonymous said...

I believe the only way to prevent complete voter fraud is to have an international team observe. The darker side of the national government has already shown what they will do to keep their power.

I hope the elections go well and that Democrats and others will get rid of the theocratic oligarchy that rules now will get tossed out on their elitist behinds!

(ahem... )


Thailand Gal

Betty said...

Welcome, Thailand Gal. I've seen your comments on a few other blogs. Nice to meet you here.

Dogwalkmusings said...

Hear, hear! We need balance in government - not a monopoly by either party. Better yet a credible third party. But let's get through this one first. Vote smart!

Newt said...

Great Post. And it's good that you push the ballot so to speak and talk about the elections. it builds awareness and makes us think about the issues and what we are doing.

Voting is a precious right. Use it or loose it!

And I'd vote Clinton back into office if I could. We need an international voice and he was a great one.

Winnie said...

I worked the phones today and will be working them until 7 tomorrow - say a prayer for MO that Claire wins - we need her truthful voice!

Betty said...

dogwalkmusings: I think that one day, we will have viable Independent running for office, and they will all be independents because their parties stopped being different from each other.

Winnie: Good for you. I hope Claire wins, too, and the stem cell research bill.

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