Friday, September 08, 2006

Friday Nothings

OK, so I've run out of ideas. Maybe I'll just complain.

1. About this 9/11 "docu-drama," ABC is wanting to show Monday night. Not only are the Democrats protesting it as full of lies, but President Bush has decided he wants to give a prime-time speech that night. Since there seems to be a stand-off, I think they should just show a movie.

2. It's not that I'm insensitive to the suffering of the victims of 9/11, but, I don't think I can stand to watch the same tired old faces mouthing the same old platitudes ALL DAY LONG Monday.

3. I've been going to the grocery store on Friday nights throughout the summer because it has been so hot during the day. There is a definite downside to going at night. The shelves can be depleted. I havent been able to find Fordhook Lima Beans in three weeks. What's up with that?

4. Now that Labor Day is past, the politickin' has started in earnest. Political ads make me mad, generally speaking. Bunch of liars, all of them. Except the ones I'm going to vote for.

5. My apartment faces the Par Three Golf Course in my complex. I got a golf ball through my window yesterday. Good thing I wasn't napping, instead of sitting in front of the computer. The golf ball landed in the middle of my bed, in a nest of glass shards. I got a little payback, though. I took the ball outside, waved at him, and chucked it in the lake. HA.

6. I have gotten very interested in genealogy, but it has proven to be very frustrating. Because I live in the back of beyond, here in rural Arkansas, I have no access to the records I need to research. Yes, I know about LDS and, but I'm cheap. I don't want to have to pay for a yearly subscription. Who knows if my attention span will be that long? So, I have a genealogist friend who looks things up for me. Isn't that nice of her? And, she doesn't even charge me, but I will be paying her for whatever expenses she runs into, such as copies of documents and mailing costs. It's the least I can do. The very least.

7. How does that old song go? "If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all." But, I still buy Lottery, PowerBall and scratch-off tickets. No more Bingo cards for me, though. What a rip-off.
I'd rather play the slot machines, but the closest ones are about 7 hours away. Might as well fly to Las Vegas at that rate. I'd get there sooner, and probably have more fun.

8. I used to play Bingo at the local Elks Club, but they refused to do anything about the smoking. We asked them to at least have a non-smoking section, but the room had very little ventilation, so that wasn't going to do much good. I finally decided I couldn't possibly win enough to pay for long-term care when I came down with emphysema or worse. So, I stopped playing.

9. Kris Kristofferson has a new CD out. I was watching his video tonight, and suddenly realized that he's getting old. When did that happen? Next stop, Branson. Maybe he'll be appearing at the Andy Williams theater one of these days.

10. Is it just me, or is there a whole lot more football on TV this year?

Complaints over. Have a nice weekend.


gawilli said...

Oh, Betty. Kris may be old but boy that new cd is the best. REALLY.

There always seems to be a lot of football to me. And it last so long.

My mom was into geneology but I don't have the patience for it. Luckily she did.

Your complaints sum up my feelings pretty good - except check out that cd!

Betty said...

gawilli: I love Kris Kristofferson. So, I'll definitely check out the cd.

Peggy said...

I can't believe lima beans are so popular in Arkansas! Your store runs out of them?!?

saz said...

I'm not watching TV on Monday - agree with you completely. Better to pick up one of your book suggestions and spend the day reading.

Alan G said...

Understand about the market. I do my shopping at Kroger and changed my grocery shopping day to Friday from Saturday when I retired. I go fairly early but the meat counter was completely empty. I still go on Friday but I have to go later in the morning after they get the restocking done.

Lima beans and ham hock....uummmm! You will have to get Peggy straigtened out on lima beans and Arkansas.

Betty said...

Peggy, we always have lima beans with pork chops, pork roast, ham, etc. Pork is big in Arkansas, i.e. Razorbacks. lol

Peggy said...

Well there you go. I have never been to Arkansas and I wouldn't have understood the lima bean and pork connection. Thanks for letting me know.

In Iowa were I am from originally, there are more pigs than people (at least that was true in Linn County). There we eat a lot of pork and pork products but I don't ever remember lima beans. My only experience with lima beans was in succotash (bleah!). I'm sure that my inexperience with the pork-lima bean thing is a fault of being a Yankee.

I am now married to a vegetarian but we never eat lima beans here. Perhaps it is because I have never once sought them out. They are my second least favourite beans. My least favourite bean award goes to the aduki bean. They're really awful.

willi said...

Lima beans, um,um good. I always called them butter beans and I always want them for dinner.

Sounds like someone golfs like I do. Although I have not assaulted any nappers with an errant golf ball.

Right on the politicos. Bet we would agree about who is telling the truth and who has the low IQ's.

Kris Kristofferson's new CD is great. He seems to be a bit more political which is a good thing.

"Am I young enough to believe in revolution
Am I strong enough to get down on my knees and pray
Am I high enough on the chain of evolution
To respect myself, and my brother and my sister
And perfect myself in my own peculiar way" -Pilgrim's Progress, Kris Kristofferson

Betty said...

Peggy: Maybe you're more of a "blackeyed pea" with pork person? Or, baked beans with ham?

willi: We (meaning me and mine) always make a distinction between lima beans and butter beans. I like 'em both. Can't wait to hear the Kristofferson cd.

alan: Don't be too hard on Kroger. The one in Conway is the only place I have been able to find Green Pea Soup. None of the stores here carry it.

Susan said...

I haven't had a lima bean in years...I don't even know if I like them or not. Hmmm...maybe I'll have to get us some.

I like shopping in the middle of the night. Nobody is around and they are busy restocking.

Chancy said...


-The singer who really looks OLD is Kenny Rogers. I saw him on some TV show a few months back and he must have had the worst face lift I have ever seen. He did not look like himself at all.