Monday, August 14, 2006

Tempe Brennan, the Real Deal

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Now, I'd like to introduce you to the real Temperance Brennan. She's a Forensic Anthropologist, who divides her time between North Carolina and Quebec. She's in her forties, with a daughter in college, Katie, and an ex-husband, Pete, whom she still likes, although she just can't be married to him. They still baby-sit each others' pets, for instance. Tempe's cat, Birdie, and Pete's dog, Boyd.

In "Bare Bones", just days before Tempe is getting ready for a week's vacation at the beach, an infant is found burned and the mother and father are missing, at a picnic, Boyd unearths two bags full of bones that turn out to be bears, and a small plane crashes with no survivors. So much for the vacation.

The love interest is Andrew Ryan, a detective-lieutenant from Quebec, who has come to North Carolina to vacation with Tempe. Of course, he gets embroiled in the mysteries, too.

Some of Reichs' other titles are, "Grave Secrets", "Fatal Voyage", "Deadly Decisions", "Death Du Jour", and "Deja Dead". Her mysteries are full of excitement. I find them hard to put down.

So, pay no attention to the imposter claiming to be Tempe on televion. The one in the books is the real deal.


F&W said...

You said it!

saz said...

Sounds like the perfect book for my vacation as soon as I finish the one I just started.