Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Small Town Fun

Lisa's post about her home town reminded me of my first small town experience. My friend, Nancy invited me home for the weekend while we were in college. She lived at Dry Fork, AR, just outside of Huntsville. Believe it or not, I had never been to a really small town before, so I was anxious to see what it was like.

After a nice dinner with her family, Nancy said, "Let's go into Huntsville." It was Friday night, and I thought we'd go to a movie or something but, no, we drove to town and proceeded to circle the square. Around and around and around, in a long line of cars, all going the same direction. Every now and then, we'd pull into a parking space and car full of guys would pull in beside us. We'd chat and flirt for a while, then back out and, around and around and around again. This went on for a couple of hours and then we went back to Nancy's house. Friday night small town fun.

On Saturday, we just slept late and lazed around the house. That night, after dinner, Nancy said "Let's go to the Marshall Stomp." Marshall Stomp???? Turns out it was a regular Saturday night dance at the Marshall, AR American Legion building. Eveybody turned out for it. And, stomp we did.

I think I must have danced with every grizzly old geezer in the county, maybe surrounding counties, too. Everyone had a swell time, including me.


saz said...

I think I could have been car sick going in a circle. We did something similar but on a straight road...El Camino Real south of San Francisco.

Speaking of old geezers...I mentioned recently to a group of young friends that a "Gabby Hayes" type asked me to dance at the Saddle Rack (our version of a country western bar) a few years ago. Not a soul knew who Gabby Hayes was.

Newt said...

I like that story. I wish more towns were like that today. Even the little town I grew up in got too big and kids don't hang out in the Acme parking lot anymore.

Kell said...

I remember cruising Sonic to downtown, then back to Sonic. Over and over again. Yee Haw!

F&W said...

We used to cruise Marine Drive. What is it about cruising, I wonder? Sounds like you had fun!