Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Oh Meme, Oh My!

I got tagged by Saz, so here's the Meme. By the way, what does Meme mean? Anybody know?

Five items in my freezer: The first three, because it's hot, hot, hot here.

1. Popsicles
2. Italian Ice
3. Ice cubes
4. TV Dinners (Breakfasts, actually. We just discovered Aunt Jemima frozen breakfasts. Pretty good, too.)
5. An assortment of frozen vegetables

Five items in the closet:

1. Christmas tree - prelit kind
2. Luggage
3. Purses
4. Laundry basket
5. Roll-away-bed (it's a BIG walk-in closet)

Five items in the car:

1. Auto-cool (Doesn't work. Save your fifteen bucks)
2. A couple of empty pop cans. It's too hot to clean it out.
3. Proof of insurance
4. Jumper cables
5. Windshield scraper

Five items in my backpack ( Purse, in my case. Like Queen Elizabeth II, I must carry my purse)

1. Wallet
2. Lipstick
3. Small address book
4. Checkbook
5. Keys

I'm not going to tag anyone this time. No thanks necessary.


saz said...

Hey...what's italian ice? And auto cool?

Betty said...

Saz: Auto cool is a little box with a fan in it that hangs on the car window and is supposed to keep the car a little cooler than it is outside. The fan runs on solar engergy, I think. But, the way the weather has been this year, we're going to need a bigger fan.

Luigi's Italian Ice? It's like a sno-cone, in a little cup. Comes in lemon and strawberry, and I don't know what else.

saz said...

Well I'll be! Doubt if I could find either item here. Luigi's Italian Ice sounds good.

Dogwalkmusings said...

Right. What does Meme stand for???

F&W said...

If you search "meme" on Wikipedia.com you'll come up with some pretty cool information.

I like that you didn't tag anyone. I don't tag folks either. I figure if they want to do it, they'll steal it. :o)

gregrandgar said...

Hi Betty,
Your being interested in genealogy should make understanding what a meme is quite vivid if I said that people who trace the evolution of a particular culture could be called a memealogist. A meme is a characteristic of a culture just as a gene is a characteristic of an individual.