Saturday, July 29, 2006

Can't Resist a Meme

It's a long one, but I can never resist. There's no number 10, 12 or 34. Don't blame me. I stole the thing.

1. Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed? Either closed or wide open. I remember when I was a child, seeing the closet door open slightly, and imagining that it was slowly opening. Scary!
2. Do you ever take the shampoos and soaps from hotel rooms? Of course. I paid for them, didn't I?
3. Have you ever had sex in a hotel room? Yes. No details available.
4. Have you ever stolen a street sign before? No
5. Do you use Post-It Notes? Always, then I lose them in the nest I build around my chair.
6. Do you cut out coupons but then never use them? Oh, yes. I even get to the store with them and forget to use them.
7. Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of bees? Bees. I might survive.
8. Do you always smile for pictures? Yes. It's a reflex.
9. What is your biggest pet peeve? Wal-Mart. That big enough?
11. Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out? In
13. Have you ever peed in the woods? Uh, no.
14. Do you ever jump up and down to make your privates bounce? No. Boobs, maybe.
15. Do you chew your pens and pencils? No
16. What's your favorite animal and why? Dogs. I'm deathly allergic to cats.
17. Do you like popcorn from those big tins? Yes. Especially the caramel corn. Yum!
18. Could you marry the person you are with now? Not with anyone. No more marriage, thank you.
19. What is your "Song of the week?" Can't think of one.
20. Is it okay for guys to wear pink? Sure. (snicker) My ex wore pink shorts and a pink shirt to the colf course one time, and someone said, "The last time I saw something that looked like that, it was standing on one leg in six inches of water."
21. Do you still watch cartoons? No
23. Where would you bury hidden treasure if you had some? Do you mean what's left of it, after the shopping spree?
24. What do you drink with dinner? Diet Pepsi, iced tea, water, or red wine.
25. What do you dip a chicken nugget in? The disposal and leav it there.
26. What is your favorite food/cuisine? I'm a good old meat and potatoes gal.
27. What movies could you watch over and over and still love? The Godfather, I, II, and III and The Amazon Queen and many more.
28. Were you a boy/girl scout? Girl Scout.
29. Would you pose nude or strip for a magazine? Sure, the AARP Bulletin Centerfold.
30. When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper? Can't even remember.
31. Favorite kind of sandwich? Bacon and Tomato (no lettuce) or Club
32. Best thing to eat for breakfast? Fried eggs, bacon, biscuits, gravy and grits.
33. What is your usual bedtime? About midnight.
35. When you were a kid what did you dress up as for Halloween? Don't remember.
36. Do you read the newspaper? Two per day, at least.
37. How many languages can you speak? English. Used to read and speak French, but have forgotten most of it.
38. Do you have any magazine subscriptions? Prevention
39. Are you in love? No.
40. Which are betterLincoln Logs or Legos? Lincoln Logs
41. Red wine or white wine? Red. Merlot or Zinfandel
42. Are you stubborn? Oh, you bet.
43. Is this relationship lasting, or just a summer fling? No relationship
44. Watch a soap opera? Not any more.
45. Sing in the car? Yes, sometimes.
46. Dance in the shower? Can't even turn around in my shower.
47. Dance in the car? Isn't that what we used to do at the drive-in theaters?
48. Ever used a gun? Yes, a target pistol. Didn't like it.
49. Last time you got a portrait taken by a photographer? A few years ago, when I realized that when I'm gone, my children wouldn't have a picture of me to go with my ashes on the shrines in their family rooms.
50. Are musicals cheesy? No. They're happy.
51. Is Christmas stressful? Yes, sometimes, and almost always depressing.
52. Ever eat a pierogi? I don't think so.
53. Favorite type of fruit pie? Cherry
54. Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid? Writer, classical pianist
55. Do you believe in ghosts? Yes.
56. Ever have a deja-vu feeling? Yes
57. Take a vitamin daily? No
58. Wear slippers? No. The glass slippers broke a long time ago.
59. Wear a bath robe? No, a lounger.
60. What do you wear to bed? A Nightgown
61. First concert? I don't remember.
62. Wal-Mart, Target or K-Mart? Target, K-Mart
63. Nikes or Reeboks? Whatever is cheapest. Little old ladies don't need expensive sneakers to scurry from one casino to the other.
64. Fritos or Cheetos? Cheetos
65. Corn nuts or sunflowers seeds? Neither.
66. Have you ever chosen a boy/girl over a friend? Probably
67. Ever take dance lessons? Yes, ballet, tap, and ballroom.
68. Is there a profession that you picture your perfect future spouse? Any, as long as he's rich and over 90, with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.
69. Can you curl your tongue? Yes. Wanna see?
70. Ever won a spelling bee? Enough with the bees, already!
71. Have you ever cried because you were so happy? Yes
72. Own any record albums? Not any more
73. Own a record player? Not any more
74. Regularly burn incense? No. Ah-choo!
75. Ever been in love? Oh, yeah.
76. Who would you like to see in concert? The Rolling Stones
77. Hot tea or iced tea? Either one, depending on the season.
78. Tea or coffee? Coffee
79. Favorite kind of cookie? Chocolate Chip
80. Can you swim well? Can't swim at all. But, I know fat floats.
81. Can you hold your breath w/o manually holding your nose? Yes
82. Are you patient? Not one little bit. Move on.
83. DJ or band, at a wedding? Band
84. Ever won a contest? Never won anything.
85. Ever have plastic surgery? No
86. Which are better black or green olives? Black
87. Can you knit or crochet? Both. I'm ambidextrous.
88. Best room for a fireplace? A den.
89. What's the best way to show affection? A hug and big, juicy smooch.
90. Is it true the best way to a man's heart is his stomach? It helps.
91. Which one can't you live without cell phone or car? Car. Gotta have my car.
92. Toothbrush or shower? Shower
93. Do you have any regrets? Let me count the ways.
95. Did you do good (sic) in high school? Yes
96. Do you still talk to people from high school? Yes, a few
97. Have you ever been betrayed by a friend? Yes. Big time!


Jay said...

"13. Have you ever peed in the woods? Uh, no."

That's because you've never *BEEN* in the woods. haha

F&W said...

Oh the bees and the lack of patience and the sneakers to scurry to the casino! Betty, you have me laughing!!

saz said...

Darn kids....tell all the family secrets.