Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sweet Dreams Tonight

I just watched the AFI Lifetime Achievement Awards honoring Sean Connery. Yowsa! He still gets me going. As my mother used to say, "There may be snow on the rooftop, but there's still a fire in the furnace."

I guess you're never to old to lust in your heart. I have a long history of being interested in guys who would never, in a million years, have been interested in me. All through high school my parents and friends had to listen to me sigh and swoon over the boy who played Center on the football team. He also played the guitar and sang. Then, in college, it was a young man who I always think of as "the rebel". A real bad boy type. Shiver. And, of course, there were the movie stars we all swooned over. Then, I married a man who bore absolutely no resemblance to any of them. Go figure.

But, enough of that.

A friend commented to me that he was appalled at the fact that the Europeans seem to be so happy when the U.S. loses a soccer match. Seems they are just reflecting the feelings of their governments toward us these days. It's sad.

He was also lamenting the fact that several European countries are losing population. One of them is Italy. This can't be making the Pope happy. Somebody is using birth control.

Now I'm getting silly. Better close for now.

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saz said...

Okay - Sean Connery got my attention! A million years ago I was in an airport in Switzerland and pointed out to my then-husband that a fellow walking around the lounge sure looked like Sean Connery except this guy was bald. People in back of me heard and jumped right up to follow him which amused me....told my husband "Look at that - they think it's Sean Connery!" So - you guessed it - turned out to be Connery and that was the first I knew that he used hairpieces in his movies. BUT even bald he was quite a sight!!