Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I got tagged by Kelley.

I AM not very good at blogging, yet.

I WANT my children to be happy and prosperous.

I WISH Jay could find a job that he would love.

I MISS the Friday Night Rowdies.

I HEAR better than I see.

I WONDER if I could find a cushy part-time job.

I REGRET that I didn't leave Harrison when my divorce was final.

I AM NOT a joiner.

I DANCE in fantasies.

I AM NOT ALWAYS as negative as my children seem to think I am.


I WRITE the Great American Novel in my mind, but don't have the discipline to do it in reality.

I CONFUSE my friend, Mary Ellen, because I don't live up to her mental picture of me, but then, neither does anyone else.

I NEED to have my children around me as often as possible.

I SHOULD go back to water aerobics, but can't find the energy I know it will take to get out of the pool and get dressed to go home.

I START telling a joke and forget the punch line.

I FINISH reading books too quickly.

1 comment:

Kell said...

I hate it when I forget the punch line!