Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I used to kind of like to watch "House", and I finally realized why. I like it for the same reason I loved Jaws I, II, and III. It's the brutality, the blood and guts. These characters aren't like any doctors I've ever encountered, and hope I never do. Week after week, it's the same thing. The hapless patient falls unwittingly into their hands and they start putting him/her through the kind of torture that our troops could only dream of inflicting at Gitmo. The show is a primer on torture.

The question is, where are the outraged family members? Why aren't the patients struggling out of their beds of pain and checking themselves out of that hospital? Why isn't anyone questioning the reasons for all the painful tests, even as they bring the patients to the brink of death, before they miraculously stumble upon the problem and cure him in the last three minutes of the show.

And, still I watch.

"Commander in Chief" has been put out of its misery, at last. I watched it, too, and enjoyed it until they took it off for winter vacation. I have decided that they were using old "West Wing" plots and decided not to watch it any more. Thankfully, it was taken out of my hands.

This doesn't mean that there's nothing to look forward to, because there's always "The Shield". It's hard to believe, though, that it will last many more seasons, considering that Shane murdered Lem and Vick is becoming more and more corrupt, but with a heart of gold. It can't possibly end well for them. But, it will probably end soon. The final show should be a bloodbath, right up my alley.


Kell said...

I like House, too. The patients don't say anything because we never questions doctors because we have to believe that they know best. I'm watching the reruns. I'm amazed at the administrators!

Anonymous said...

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