Sunday, May 07, 2006

Fiction means it isn't real.

What is all this controversy about the DaVinci Code? It's fiction, folks. That means the writer can make up anything he wants. That doesn't make what he writes true - look at Science Fiction. Just because I call my computer "Hal", doesn't mean I believed "2001: A Space Odyssey" was true.


Illegal immigration is another problem that should be very simple to fix, if we can just get over our need to protect CEOs. The "fix" would be to simply enforce the law. Also, maybe another law like "three strikes you're out", making it a crime to hire illegals, starting with the plant management level, and working its way up to the CEO of the company. If someone violates the law three times, the fourth time, the plant manager, the human resources manager and the CEO all go to the pokey, as well as paying honking big fines for each offense.

If the jobs aren't available, illegally, the workers won't want to come here illegally.

Rant over.


Kell said...

I still think that lawsuit was all part of the publicity for the movie. Why would they wait until now to sue?

Anonymous said...

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