Monday, April 17, 2006


Sorry, but it's allergy season. Son, Jay, noticed my car was covered with pollen, so he took it and washed it, bless him. It looks good, inside and out. Smells good, too.

And, it's Monday. Back on the old diet. We are very careful all week, and even write down every morsel that passes our lips. Then, on Sunday, we cheat. My cheats usually consist of cheese or chocolate - sometimes both. Jay got me a solid chocolate bunny in honor of Easter, so yesterday, I had both.

If it is this hot this early, I wonder how summer will be. I'll probably whine all summer long.

And, what's up with these high gasoline prices?!? I'm glad I just have a sedan. I have some friends who have THREE SUV's in the family. I hope they are enjoying them.

Well, I said this blog would probably consist of random thoughts. And, so it is.

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