Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hi, Y'awwwlll!

I've tried to keep from blogging about Paula Deen, but I just can't help myself. She's in a pickle, all right.  And, if everything we read about her is correct, she deserves to be.  She and Bubba have done it, now.  They have been revealed as raging racists and worse. And, even after her oh so sincere apology, she doesn't actually appear to understand what all the fuss is about.

And, does anyone actually believe that she only used the "N" word all those years ago when she just happened to be held at gun point during a bank robbery and maybe a couple of times after that?  Seems to me that would have been the one time in her life that she might have kept her mouth shut.

Come on, Paula, I grew up in the "southern culture" too, but many of us who experienced those years when the country was trying to cope with the upheaval of integration learned the lessons back then that you say you want to learn now. She mouths the right words, but you can see that she really doesn't see what the big deal is.  So she thought it would be hilarious to stage a "slave wedding?"  Would that have included the ritual of the bride and groom jumping over a broom handle?

I have always had the feeling that she was operating just on the edge of vulgarity, especially when she was a guest on a late night show.  Even on her own show, she has a repertoire of suggestive looks and raucous laughter that I have found increasingly offensive. I'm having trouble believing that the Food Network didn't figure her out a long time ago. They announced today that they were not going to renew her contract. How about all the companies she works with?  Will they flee, too?  

We got a glimpse of the real Paula when she announced, two years late, that she was diabetic, and then started advertising the medication she was taking, and experienced an epiphany, and, like a reformed drunk, started espousing a lifestyle of healthy eating, and brought her sons along with her, with their own shows changing, too.

We don't need to mention her touting of Smithfield Hams, which, as luck would have it, were found to be imported from Mexico, and not grown and nurtured in Virginia. She has pimped herself out by putting her name on countless products, including kitchenware and even venturing into the furniture business. 

I just can't feel sorry for her, although I'm ordinarily a pretty tolerant  person. Her bigotry
is just the last straw.  She deserves whatever she gets for the next year or so,and then she'll make a big comeback because we have very short memories.  If nothing else, she'll be embraced by Fox.

Stay tuned.


Margie's Musings said...

Reminds me of another "homemaker" that went to prison a few years back. That "homemaker" is back on TV now making lots of money again.

Olga said...

I never could watch paula Deen--that voice quality was like fingernails on a chalkboard.

Arkansas Patti said...

I left her at fried bacon grease years ago. I felt her recipes deadly weapons.
From what I have seen, she just doesn't seem to get why all the hub bub.

kenju said...

I am not a person who likes to cook, so The Food Network does not appeal to me, nor does she. My husband said today that she is either a heavy smoker or a drinker - her voice shows it. I said maybe she is

Betty said...

Margie: I know who you're talking about, but she just got greedy and took advantage of her stock market contacts. I don't think Paula will fare as well.

Olga: Her voice drives me crazy, too.

Patti: Someone from the Food Network reportedly said they had to stop taping one show because she wanted to call a dish a "Sambo Burger." She never did understand why the wouldn't let her call it that.

Kenju: You're lucky you haven't been exposed to her redneck humor and her trailer trash accent. Can you tell I don't like her?

Peggy said...

Mean and stupid is a nasty combination. I can smugly state that I've never watched even ONE episode. I have also never watched Man vs Food. Is gluttony a viable alternative to programming?

Betty said...

Peggy: It seems to be, and the amount of salt all of those so-called chefs use in their recipes would choke a horse. They keep saying it bring out flavors, but with the handfuls of salt they throw into their dishes, I'm surprised they can taste anything else.

dmarks said...

I agree 100% on this. The admitted instance 30 years ago was actually 16+ yars AFTER the civil rights era. A person who bashes all black people as N****** because she is mad at one is not the type of person who should go outside, vote, or have a voice. A real sicko.

Sister--Three said...

I would not put her in the league with Martha. I tell you Harrison--I have used that word. Sorry, I know you can't believe it. And....I my 40 years teaching in central AR I have had a few of them in class.

I don't feel sorry for her either, though. Just sayin'...I am not near perfect!

Sister--Three said...

I would call Paula a dumb coot and Martha a tough old boot! I love good boots that can last. Ones you can just keep putting on and that still show class. I say that might be Martha.