Thursday, May 16, 2013

Scandals On All Sides

Of all the scandals being hyped by the media these days, the worst one, to me, is the sex abuse scandal in the military.  And, I will predict here and now that it is the one that will go away the quickest, in spite of the fact that the problem has been going on for the longest.  The first suggestion made by Secretary Hagel was "Retraining."  RETRAINING?  Hasn't there been enough "retraining" over the years?  And where has it gotten them?  The situation is worse than ever.

The military, which has always prided itself on its self-styled "Warriors" and "Manly Men" spouting their slogans, swaggering around, fist-pumping and assuring each other that women have no place in their ranks, are now going to be put through a series of pointless "retraining" exercises that will have absolutely no effect on their behavior.   This is because the attitudes inside the military are a reflection of our sex-obsessed society.

I'm not blaming only the men.  I like men.  I LOVE men.  I find them endlessly fascinating. We NEED men. Otherwise, who would take out the garbage, mow the lawn and handle all the problems of auto maintenance? Not to mention, who would kill the spiders and investigate when things go bump in the night?

No, I don't place the blame on only the men.  The women are at least equally to blame for the attitudes and, according to various news reports, about 50% of the complaints have come from men.

Retraining isn't going to cut it. It's going to take some serious attitude changes and some court martials, and some time spent in jail to bring about the changes. But, I can almost guarantee that there is no taste for such drastic measures in our military.  

We can expect a period of posturing, skape-goating and cries of outrage, but in 30 days, it will be over. 
I hope I'm wrong.

Stay tuned.


Margie's Musings said...

I mostly blame the men, Mari. They have the power over these woman recruits. And they take advantage of that power.

I love men too but their bodies are driven by certain parts of their bodies and they often let those parts rule. Imagine taking a chance on ruining your career for a little sexual encounter.

Margie's Musings said...
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