Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Results Are In

The dumbing-down of America is complete. I don't know when it started, but it has taken at least a couple of generations.  I also don't know whose grand plan it was, but I suspect the Republican Party conceived the idea, and had a lot of help from Democrats along the way.

You know, the last thing some governments want is a well-informed electorate. People are much harder to control if they are well educated and aware of things around them.  They are much less gullible if they pay attention to the political machinations of their parties.

It's kind of like going blind or deaf.  You don't realize you can't see or hear as well as you used to, until other people start saying things like, "Did you see that (whatever),  or "Listen to that  (whatever), and you realize you've been missing out on lots of things, like brilliant sunsets, perhaps, or birds chirping while you're on your walk. It's insidious, this not realizing what you don't know.

Education is the key. We have a couple of generations of people, probably under thirty, who have been so poorly educated in this country that they can't put words together in a coherent sentence. They don't know how to pronounce words.  They know nothing about history.  They know nothing about the workings of government. Scores of people can't tell you the name of the President and Vice-President.  They can't comprehend what they're reading.   Just watch Jay Leno sometimes, when he goes out on the street and asks
 people the simplest questions.

It's getting worse with every generation. Our politicians, both Republican and Democrat, but mostly Republican, count on it.

 Hence, this young embarrassment.  She seemed so proud of herself, while viewers cringed.

I'm just speechless when I see what parents are doing to their children, in the interest of making themselves and the children celebrities.  This poor child, called Honey Boo-Boo, won't thank them when she is grown. At least I hope not. 

Reality shows are so far from reality that it is laughable, except that millions of people don't know enough to laugh.

The Tea Party isn't the answer.  It's a big part of the problem.

How are we going to turn things around?  What can be done? Where do we start?  Is it too late? 

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Stay tuned. 


Margie's Musings said...

Oh how I agree with you. This is a terribly uneducated population. Few can even write a legible letter...or in this day and age...an e-mail.

It all began with no discipline in the classrooms. It's pandemonium in there when I have visited schools. How can any student learn anything?

Then (much as I hate to say it) working mothers have just complicated it. No one has the time or energy after work to help their children with their homework...or even to see to it that they got it done.

Olga said...

This is certainly a problem. I think our nation has never valued learning all that much, like it a point of pride to live in a small little world. Your illustrating pictures are perfect.

Sister--Three said...

Notice how young people can't state a sentence without the word "like" in the sentence. Sometimes they say the word several times in one sentence.

chlost said...

I work with kids. The state of their ignorance is apalling. They cannot spell, they cannot sign their name, they can barely read. This is in a somewhat rural community with relatively small schools. I am fearful for the future. There are some spectacular students, however, with skills and knowledge which are amazing. I hope that they are able to control the future for themselves and those of their peers who will never understand what they lack in themselves.

Anonymous said...
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savannah said...

amen, sister! i've given up trying to explain this to anymore. to quote pris in bladerunner, "we're stupid and we'll die..." xoxoxox

Word Tosser said...

OH, THANK GOD... I thought it was just me who was disgusted with the way things are going.. there are young adults who doesn't know how to write a check or even cash a payroll check and deposit.. of course they don't have to.. it is direct deposit and automatic payments to bills..
But it has drove me nuts for about 3 years now.. and I thought it was just me.. thank you .. I kept reading and saying YES, YES, yes... to each one..

NitWit1 said...

Honey Boo Boo has got to be the most stupid reality show, but then it is followed closely by the Duck guys, Preachers and Daughters, Dance Moms, and Gypsy Weddings or anything gypsy.

I watch the History and Discovery Channels a lot but they are not always history and often repeated on other channels.

I am enjoying my Kindle more and more, and TV less and less.

Betty said...

Network TV may be just what we need to make people start reading again, come to think of it.

Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Apart from the reference to the "Tea Party", you could be talking about here, like, in the UK, like !

Anonymous said...

I am a teenager and am disgusted with the way my generation acts.But there is not much i can do. You guys are the adults, instead of complaining about the uneducated idiots walking around every day, shouldn't you be trying to fix it? Whether you believe it or not, we look up to you as role models.