Thursday, June 21, 2012

Google Finally Fixed Something

I'm sure you remember that I have been whining for months and months because I have been unable to Unsubscribe to some blogs on Google Reader.

There are several blogs that have been inactive for a loooooooong time,  and some of the Bloggers are even dead. Yet Google Reader has refused, repeatedly and stubbornly, to allow me to Unsubscribe.  Every now and then, I try to unsubscribe them, just to make sure that Google Reader is still being stubborn. 

It has been quite awhile since I've tried to Unsubscribe to a bunch of blogs, and my blog list has grown and grown.  Now, you might say that I should have just ignored the blogs that were no longer active. But, to someone such as myself, who has to clean out my Spam box in email, so it won't clog up the works, and who has to click out of each and every website before I go to another, it can be very irritating.

It's called "Obsessive-Compulsive disorder, folks.  So, imagine my relief when I tried to Unsubscribe from a blog and Bless Me, it WORKED!

It remains to be seen whether those blogs will still be gone when I go back to Google Reader tomorrow, but for tonight, I'm gonna sleep the sleep of the just.

Stay tuned.


NitWit1 said...

Interesting; I just us a gadget, named MY BLOG LIST, and access the posts from there. I do have a few I need to remove.

However, I just edit the gadget to add or delete....and to read. I ignore Google Reader.

Hope you had a good night's sleep.

savannah said...

i haven't looked at google reader in ages, sugar, but the blog roll add/remove function FINALLY works. xoxox

L.J. Diva said...

I do that at the end/beginning of every year, as people leave and stop blogging. I find IE8 doesn't always work but google chrome will. It isn't so hard as I use the manage blogs I'm following part of blogger and it works fine.