Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Check It Out

I do wish people would do a little research to find out if a story is true or not before they annoy me with an e-mail it.

A guy I worked with just loves to send me stories he obviously gets from Fox news because he knows I don't agree. I usually ignore them, but sometimes, I feel the need to debunk them.  He never acknowledges my replies, but I know they really get under his skin because he really wants to believe everything bad he hears and reads about President Obama, no matter how outrageous. He tenaciously clings to his opinions even when faced with facts to the contrary, you know, like Rick Santorum.

The latest outrageous story being e-mailed around the internet claims that Pres. Obama, through the State Department, has been sending millions to the Middle East for the refurbishment of Mosques.  This happens to be partially correct.  The rest of the story is that way back in late 2000, while Bill Clinton was in office, Congress created a program to help Mosques and Christian churches in the Middle East in their refurbishing efforts after natural disasters, such as floods, etc.  It was designed to preserve historic buildings, as a cultural program to further good-will.  The program was actually put into effect by George W. Bush, and yes, millions were donated.

So, as I told my conservative friend, as much as he might want to believe the story as reported by an Atlanta news program, President Obama actually had nothing to do with the program. But, Congress may well vote to defund the program as they try to find ways to save money.

My friend could save himself and me a lot of unnecessary aggravation if he would just check out these frankly unbelievable stories.  But, he won't.  He might learn the truth, and that's the last thing he wants.

Stay tuned.


Lo said...

I had a friend like that once. I cancelled the relationship. My tolerance for blind stupidity is very limited, I'm afraid.

Kay Dennison said...

I have stopped talking to such people. My BS-o-meter kept going off.

Maria from SilverFox said...

I am so tired of these stupid exagerations and lies that flood my e-mail, that I now Snope and send the link, not only to the person who sent it to me, but everyone she sent it, too. Usually, I don't hear back from the person who sent it, but I have been delighted to hear back from others who also received the erroneous message. So press the REPLY TO ALL button. I've met some nice folks!!!

Meryl Baer said...

Unfortunately some people do not want to muddy the waters with the facts.

Betty said...

Lo: I can't seem to turn this guy off. He enjoys annoying me too much.

Kay: We don't correspond very often.

Maria: What a good idea. I usually just respond to him. Wonder why I didn't think of responding to all. I'll start doing that. Thanks.

MerCyn: That's the mindset in my state.

Peruby said...

I wonder how these people live their lives. Not wanting to take the time to learn the truth - they can't handle the truth!

They follow like sheep. Stupid is as stupid does. Somebody put a ring in their nose and they are being led around like an idiot.

Sometimes I wonder if the majority of the population is this form of a village idiot.

Is it no wonder our government/world/country is in such a sad state of affairs? With people like him allowed to vote and make decisions we are certainly doomed.

Arkansas Patti said...

I had a former boss do that also and when his last email "joke" thinly veiled a threat to assigniate the president, I cancelled our friendship in no uncertain terms. He was stunned but that was the last of him. Maria really has a great idea which might work with my sister whom I can't unfriend.