Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rick Perry: Darling of the Tea Party

Well, it's settled. Rick Perry will be the GOP candidate for President. Orly Taitz, Queen of the Birthers, has endorsed him. We'll go ahead and have the Primaries though, ok?

I can't really comment on the two Republican debates, so far,  since I didn't watch either of them. However, I have seen clips of some of the more outrageous comments made by the flavor of the month, Gov. Rick Perry.  Calling Social Security a "Ponzi scheme" hasn't increased his popularity with seniors, even those in the Tea Party, I'll wager. But, that was just one of those silly comments politicians love to make to get the media stirred up and talking about, endlessly, so they won't be paying attention to the other really mean things the candidates say.

In my opinion, nothing says more about the blood-thirsty, mean-spirited characters of the Tea Partiers and Republicans in general than the loud applause when Perry stated he hadn't given a second thought to sign the death warrants of a couple of hundred prisoners in Texas. Now, I see what they mean when they say, between G.W. Bush and Perry, Bush is the smart one. The surprise is that his attitude didn't cause much of a stir with the media. But, if you watched the faces of the other candidates, even they seemed surprised by the outburst.

The media gave it a mention or two in passing, but quickly got back to subject of Social Security.  Brain dead Gloria Borcherd peered myopically into the camera and asked, "Is Social Security unconstitutional?" as if it were a new concept.  Note to Gloria: That question was asked and answered in the years following its enactment. Guess what the answer was.

The same question is being asked and answered in the affirmative about the Health Care bill in all the Federal Courts but one, so far. It has been a tremendous wast of time and money by the Attorneys General of various red states.

But, I digress.  The question is, "who will be the next Republican candidate to drop out of the race? My guess would be Rick Santorum. We can expect Newt Gingrich to stay in as long as it is monetarily worth his while and the increasingly un-lovely Michele Bachmann will probably hang on a while longer. Mitt Romney will be there 'til the last dog dies, and Huntsman has some staying power. As for the rest, it'll be a race to the bottom of the pile. I predict that, unless it is discovered that he has a harem,  the candidate will be Mitt Romney.

Remember, you heard it here.

Stay tuned.


Margie's Musings said...

Once the public learns that the LDS are commanded to "heed to council", they will quickly discard him too.

kenju said...

I don't think it really matters who their candidate is....lol

Meryl Baer said...

So which one - if any - of the others will be the VP candidate? Or can we look forward to another unknown crowd-pleaser like Sarah being the chosen one? And the nonsense goes on...

patsy said...

I think you are right about Rommey being the one. I only hope if he is people will have the guts to bring out the morman religion as a compaign issue.
Else we will have THe LDS as our rulers. talk about religion and state being one.
They had a uproar over kennedy and the big C church but the truth was Kennedy was not a hard church member where as Rommey is a solid LDS member and would do what ever the LDS church wants.

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Seth said...

Of course Perry didn't give a second thought to signing the death sentences. He's not the judge. He is required to rubber stamp the sentence. The only power he has is to stay the execution 30 days, after which time they'll be executed anyway. He doesn't have the power to pardon. What else do you expect?