Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy Days are Here Again

Arkansas Dino (Democrat in Name Only)Rep. Mike Ross has decided not to run for re-election. This makes me very happy.  Everyone says, "Oh, but he's our only Democratic representative in Congress!  Well, excuse me, but Mike Ross is a Blue Dog Democrat - which means his vote depends upon whichever way the wind blows in Washington.  Now, Akansans have a chance to elect a real Democrat, since that is what they thought they were getting when they elected him.

He says he will probably enter the race for Arkansas' governor.  I suspect what he will actually do is stay in Washington and become a lobbyist for the Pharmaceutical industry. That is where his allegiance lies, anyway.

The only thing he could do that would please me more would be to resign as of today.

Stay tuned.


Kay Dennison said...

Aren't they all sellouts?

Olga said...

I just keep wanting to believe that there is some integrity in politics and I just keep on being disappointed.

Anonymous said...

So far, I have had the luck to be impressed with my senator, Al Franken. No one thought he would take it or be taken seriously. He is great. I don't think he is a sellout to anyone.
On the other hand......just one name tells it all Michele Bachmann. I guess I can't expect to have good ones in both the senate and house.

Betty said...

Kay: Yes, but he's MY sellout.

Olga: I know how you feel.

Alwaysinthebackrow: I like Al Franken, too. Michele Bachmann? Not so much. Not at all, in fact.