Monday, October 11, 2010

Not a Sports Blog

This is by no means a sports story, even though the subject is a sports figure,  namely Brett Favre.  I wouldn't know where to begin if I had to talk or write about sports. Even in the crossword puzzles I work daily, I have to read all the sports clues to Jay and he always has the answer. I defer to him when the Jeopardy category is related to Sports. I'm saying, Jay is an expert on the subject.

However, I just had to comment on the latest "scandal" that has come up (no pun intended) about Brett Favre.  This guy is a grandfather, for heaven's sakes, the only one still playing in the NFL, and he gets himself embroiled in a scandal.  He has been accused of sending lewd e-mails containing photos of  his "Little Brett" to one Jenn Sterger.  This supposedly happened in 2008 and is just now  surfacing.

So, why is it such a big story now?  I don't know. What did he hope to accomplish by sending the photo to Ms Sterger?  Proof positive that he is not Jewish? Assurance that he doesn't have that little Clinton problem that some of Clinton's girl friends said he had?  You know, the one that had Republicans in Congress insisting that the President "drop 'em" right there on the House floor, to prove the allegations were lies. 

It's a mystery. One that I don't really want to pursue.  No.  The real question I have about Brett Favre is this:
Why is his name pronounced FARve, when it is obviously not spelled that way?  Shouldn't it be pronounced FaVre (Favor) or Fahvreh?  Well?

If anyone knows the answer to my question, I would like to hear from you.  Thank you.

Stay tuned.


Arkansas Patti said...

This fellow had the stuff of legends going for him but this latest allegation will forever tarnish his image. Tiger must be smiling.
I got a bit upset with Brett and his "I'm retired", "Nope I'm not-I got a better offer," drama that has gone on for several years.
This has really been a bad year for sports heros.

Anonymous said...

You should know by now that all men are pigs, and I mean all of them.

Olga said...

I never even heard of this guy--that's how lost I am when crossword puzzle clues are sports-related. And I know way more about sports than Mike. But we do have a name that is often mispronounced. It's "A-Bear" in French, we go by "HE-bert" but mostly other people say "HER bert." Go figure.

Looking to the Stars said...

I'd like to know why she kept the email for so long. I don't keep any of my emails that long.

I think people want him to retire & this just might do it.

good post, take care :)

Ardith said...

I've often wondered the same thing, re: pronunciation of his last name. Could care less about his escapades...the world seems full of those doing the same. It's old hat!

Debra said...

I live about 20 miles from Favre here in South Mississippi. Sadly, he is not known around here for his outstanding good moral conduct. So it was no great surprise hearing this news to those of us close to home.

I doubt it was news to his wife as well.

I was wondering the same myself concering his name.

patsy said...

i have no idea what his name is or how it is pronounced but when I read your post I thought grandfather little brett, was he sending photos of his grandson to some one and why? then i read agin and the light bulb came on!
you know men are just crazy and perhaps she ask for photos. how do you know he isn's jewish?

Anonymous said...

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