Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Bailouts, Sellouts, Debates, Oh My!

Note to AIG's greedy bigwigs: $400,000 to send you to a spa for a week? Get real. Iwant that money to be returned to the government. I want to see some perp walks, and I want to see them SOON!

The arrogance of it just takes my breath away. If this is an example of the kind of behavior that we can expect from the companies that we have bailed out, I want a do over.

Note to the Chairman of Lehman Brothers: Would you like a crown of thorns to wear with that hair shirt?

From insult to injury. Along with the fact that the crooked CEOs will suffer no consequences for their greedy actions that have brought us to this pitiful place, we are subjected to the sight of one CEO performing, in front of Congress, his rendition of Jimmy Swaggart's tearful, "Forgive me, Jesus. I have sinned" routine.

I have news for him. Jesus's forgiveness is easy. It's MINE he needs to be worrying about. I can't think of one single excuse on the part of these crooks that would make my forgiveness possible. And, yet he whines not because he did wrong. He whines because the government didn't buy Lehman Brothers out like it did AIG. I feel some whines of my own coming on.


Now, about that debate. No, let me start over. That was no debate. It wasn't a town hall meeting, either. It was the usual series of sound bites that weren't a bit informative, but did help the candidates avoid answering specific questions with specific plans.

It was almost painful to watch John McCain roaming around in the background every time Obama was answering a question. It was as if Grandpa had wandered off from Shady Pines. It didn't even provide comedy relief to the boredom to which we were being subjected.

When is the last time a Presidential or Vice Presidential debate provided any real answers to the questions of the people? This year is the first time in a long time that the two candidates differ so completely in their philosophies. It should be easy to see the differences in a debate. But, all we heard was how many times each candidate allegedly voted to raise taxes.

I'm for doing away with debates if this is the best we can do.


Mari Meehan said...

"It was as if Grandpa had wandered off from Shady Pines. It didn't even provide comedy relief to the boredom to which we were being subjected."

It may not have provided comedy relief at the time but your take on it sure does!

Margie's Musings said...

true, so true!

Bear Naked said...

"Note to AIG's greedy bigwigs: $400,000 to send you to a spa for a week? Get real. I want that money to be returned to the government."

My jaw has just dropped open. As you know I am Canadian and this mess has hit us also.
I can't type the words I would like to say to these people.
Thanks to people like this, our retirement funds have dropped almost 20%.

Line these guys up in front of me and see what damage I could personally do to them.

Bear((( )))

patsy said...

you couldn't see what McCain was doing wondering around behind Obama but I bet he was pulling faces and being ugly.

Sister--Three said...

You know...these things today are not debates. Remember the Nixon Kennedy debate. I would like to see a rerun of it. These things sound like bake sales!

kenju said...

I'm sad to say that Shady Pines is where he belongs!

You are so right about the so-called debates. Children in grade school could do better.

Darlene said...

The format of the 'so called' debates needs to be changed. I remember debates on PBS between Bill Buckley and Michael Kinsley and those were real debates.

I blame the media as much as I do the candidates for the lack of information.

Kell said...

I don't think I'll even watch the next debate.

I was even more shocked that the government gave AIG another $37.8 billion? I just don't understand.

Betty said...

dogwalkmusings: Thanks. You always "get" my attempts at humor.

margie's musings: I enjoy reading your views, too.

bearnaked and kell: And, did you also hear that AIG already had another "retreat" planned? They announced this morning that they had cancelled it. Well, I guess so!

patsy: He's just a grumpy old guy.

sister-three: I think everyone should watch the Nixon-Kennedy debates. Now, THOSE were debates!

kenju and darlene: I'd like to see the two candidates go toe to toe, and if they get mad and say something they shouldn't, so what? Their opponent would be right there to rebut.