Monday, March 10, 2008

Another Randy Old Goat Gets Caught


Well, I'm shocked, SHOCKED! You might think I'm appalled that New York Governor Spitzer allegedly met with a prostitute in a New York hotel. But, no. I'm shocked that we never cease to be surprised at this kind of behavior. And, I'm amused by the media's labeling it as "involvement in a prostitution ring." At this time (3:12 p.m.) all the media really knows is that Spitzer text-messaged (how stupid can you get?) his request for a meeting with a particular prostitute.

And, speaking of stupid, he did this knowing that all messages and phone calls, etc. were being intercepted by federal law enforcement agents. He didn't even use an alias, or code name! Typical, typical, typical.

I repeat, I'm not shocked that he "meets with prostitutes." What a delicate way to put it. Personally, I believe that prostitution should be legalized, the way it is in other countries. Wait, wait! Come back! I'll 'splain why. Just calm down.

Here's my reasoning. Generally speaking, men just don't have the same attitude toward sex that women seem to have. To them, it's satisfying a natural urge. Nothing to do, necessarily, with love. Prostitutes know all this. But, non-"professional" women, in general, want to at least LIKE, or at a minimum, know the last name of whoever they sleep with. In other words, we like romance, foreplay, conversation, SOMETHING to make us feel an emotional connection. This is why so many men are astonished to discover that the woman who so eagerly jumped into the rack with him Saturday night, is expecting a declaration of undying love on Sunday morning. A commitment, for heaven's sake.

Legalizing prostitution would make it easier for a lot of wives, too. Think about it. The Ladies of the Evening would be "regulated". By that I mean, they would enter "Prostitute" on their tax forms, etc., and would be required to be tested for any number of nasty diseases, which would protect their clients as well as their clients' wives.

Wives wouldn't feel obligated to divorce their husbands for cheating, because if the husband could legally go to a prostitute, it probably wouldn't be widely known and he probably wouldn't be as interested in his wife's friends or the women at work. So, wifey wouldn't get embarrassed in front of all their friends and families, which is really why they file for divorce, anyway.

Since men don't always equate sex with love, they are often heard to say they love their wives, even if they've just been caught with the baby-sitter. I knew one man who stated, with a straight face, "If my wife died tomorrow, I'd NEVER marry my mistress!" I took that to mean that he loved his wife, while his mistress was just a diversion, or something of that nature. He wouldn't have to have a "mistress" if he could just make a reservation at the local brothel. Thus, saving himself a lot of money that he could then spend on diamonds for his wife, the woman he loves.

So, let's just back off and see what happes to Eliot Spitzer. If all he did was pay a prostitute every now and then, that's one thing. I'll change my opinion if it turns out he was actually involved in the "prostitution ring". By that I mean, helping to run it or being paid to protect them, or something of that ilk.

Otherwise, he's just a randy guy, doing what comes naturally.


Karen said...

Well, instead of legalizing prostitution, I think a married man - especially a self-proclaimed moral leader of our society - should just keep it in his pants. I am just not buying the "men are different" excuse. LOL. I mean, yes. I know that men in general view sex differently than women do. I just don't think we should change our standards of society because the men don't like to play by the rules that they created.

I am not a prude. I just think marriage deserves a little bit of respect. (Says the divorce

Peggy said...

Well, it happens. I'm not in the least big shocked. I'm sorry he got caught. As the governor of New York he should really leave prostitutes alone until he's at least out of office and out of the public eye. If he risked his marriage and his job by requesting a particular woman, then she must be quite good at her job.

Anonymous said...

He's a politician and they are the biggest whores of all.

Anonymous said...

But why does the "Little woman" have to stand next to him in a humiliating display of loyalty to a cheating,lying, no good jerk?

Think Ex Governor Jim McGreevey (D-NJ) and his pretty blonde wife and mother of his children.

Think Larry Craig (R-ID) and his head lowered and red faced wife.

Think President Bill Clinton(D-AR)
and his lovely and embarrassed wife Hillary facing the press .

Why don't these guys say to their wives." Look, you had nothing to do with this. Stay home and I will face the press without humiliating you further."

Do you think if it was the wife who cheated HE would stand by her?

patsy said...

for a elected offical to spend more than 4000 dollars for a woman of the night is sick. no matter what you think about prostitute. he was at this more than once. sick!

Judith Shapiro said...

i agree with your post totally. the rest of the world watches and laughs as we get all het up about some man getting laid. egads. but, these guys who get caught shouldn't be spending their time in office making a show of supporting efforts to catch guys doing the same thing that they do.

Dianne said...

I think prostitution should be legal as well.

I feel bad for his daughters since the press are all over them.

Meanwhile there's a story about Bush planning to go into Iran before he gets his ass out of the White House and no one is paying much attention to it - they're all in an uproar over sex.

I come by from the lovely place of the wonderful Cynical Bastard :)

Jo said...

I'm with you on legalizing prostitution...I think it would clean up the business for the prostitutes & their patrons, and possibly get a lot of teen runaways off the streets. Maybe it would positively influence the singles dating scene.

As for the effect on committed relationships...well I like the idea of people learning the reality of their partner's habits, gives everybody a clear picture on which to base their decisions...preferably early-in. But frankly I doubt legal prostitution would change much there--the same guy who wants children with the trophy wife & sex with the pretend-cheerleader will always find ways to work his game.

savannah said...

we are so easily distracted, sugar. i'm in favor of legalized prostitution and for anything that increases the tax basis! ;-) besides, haven't we learned it's impossible to legislate morality.

dc said...

I will wait for your comments after the new info that has come out on this guy.

Also await your thought on Gerald F. She sure didn't let Diane Sawyer get the best of her this morning. I loved it!

Kay Dennison said...

I agree with your position here!

On the other hand is it everyone's right to know every politician/celebrity/whatever's personal life? I think the press has become far too intrusive.

Doc said...

Karma got him... he gleefully took down huge CEOs for sometimes less than this and claimed that he was the Eliot Ness of Wall street...what an idiot. gets what he deserves

Betty said...

karen: You're right. Marriage deserves respect. However, if men lived up to your standards, you'd have to practice some other kind of law. lol

peggy: He's sorry he got caught, too.

big john: Amen.

judith: I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop, in the form of an indictment.

judith: He would not only not stand beside her, he'd already have filed for divorce and custody of the children.

patsy: Sick, sick, sick!

Betty said...

Sorry, Nancy. I meant that comment about whether he would stand up for his wife, for you. I'm so CONFUSED!!!

dianne: Welcome! Cynical Bastard is my son. Isn't he cute?? He's not really cynical, he just likes to think he is.

jo: Legalizing it might not change much, you're right. It's a knotty problem.

savannah: I'm not sure we've learned we can't legislate morality, when you look at some of the silly laws passed by state legislatures. But, I agree with you.

dc: It was inevitable that Spitzer would resign. He must have managed to get some kind of deal - Immunity, maybe? As for Geraldine, this is not the first time she has made similar racist remarks.

kay: I think we are a country full of voyeurs, and nothing is a secret any more. You'd think people would take that into consideration when they decide to do something shady.

doc: It always happens to the ones who are holier than thou. It's hard to work up any sympathy for them. Lots of "gotcha" politics working here, too, now that he has been found out.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jon Stewart when he said last night on The Daily Show re: Mrs. Spitzer:

"Somewhere in Bermuda there is a chaise lounge with this woman's name ALL OVER it."

DirkStar said...

Insulin is a wonderful thing!

My blood sugars are dropping and i feel better than I have in a long time.

You were right...

Many visits to make and tine is short.

Thank you.

Judith Shapiro said...

one more thought - as we await legalization, which i also support, as long as prostitution is illegal, why is it that the women "selling" are arrested while the men "buying" go free? bad deal.