Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Coming and Going

The title to this blog is supposed to refer to the fact that Kell came to visit and then went home a week later. But, it made me think of something I heard years ago, about one of our prisons, named Cummins. There was a time when so many prioners escaped that someone quipped, "We ought to change the name to "Cummins And Goins". OK, that's out of my system, now. On to Kell's visit.

I think she was able to see everyone she wanted to see and then some. We picked her up at the airport in Little Rock, and spent the night in Conway, so she could visit with our friend there. Then, she spent parts of a couple of days with her best friend, A, here in Harrison. Then, Jay, our chef and made some delicious chili one night when another friend came over. And, another day, we went to see Kell's grandmother and various other family members in Yellville. Then, we met another friend for dinner, and suddenly, it was time for her to go back.

It was a busy week, but Jay and I still managed to volunteer at Democratic Headquarters two afternoons, where we had our usual laughs.

Since I'm not used to being so busy, I am exhausted. But, it was fun, and Kell looks great. I hadn't seen her in quite a while, and e-mail and telephone conversations are nice, but I'm just not happy unless I can see her in person and get "aholt" of her. I feel the same way about Allen, of course, but the Air Force seems to think he belongs to them, when I know he's mine. He became mine when he married my daughter. The Air Force will find out who he belongs to if they ever mistreat him.

Yesterday, we took Kell back to the airport in Little Rock, two hours early, for all the good that did. Her flight was cancelled just as she got to the check-in, and we had to take her to a nearby hotel. We offered to stay over night and see her off this morning, but she said she'd get the hotel shuttle, and we should go home. She seems to think she's all grown up, and can handle things without me hovering around. So, we did -- reluctantly. She got home this afternoon, so everything's ok, now.

Trying to go anywhere on an airplane must be a real nightmare, these days, what with President Bush trying to convince us that we should be very afraid, and all over the country people are having to shed their shoes and relinquish their hand cream, and Homeland Security people are strip-searching little old ladies in wheel chairs. No wonder there's no time to actually fly anywhere.

But, that's a soapbox I'm too tired to climb up on right now. I'll save that rant for another time.

(Yawn) Is it bedtime, yet?


Kell said...

It was a busy week, and I'm pretty tired, too.

BTW, the hotel was fine. There was that little incident when the police came to check out the gunshot--just kidding ;p. I had a whole king size bed to myself! I was fine.

Anonymous said...

Glad the visit was great for everyone. Speaking of an Allen in the Air Force....I use to be an Alan in the Air Force. Where is your Allen stationed if you don't mind me asking?

Betty said...

Alan G, My Allen is stationed at Omaha, Nebraska at the moment. The Air Force goofed up and stationed him closer than 1,000 miles away this time.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Glad Kell's home safe and sound. Traveling anywhere these days by plane puts that at risk and sends us all into a tizzy...whatever that is.

When I traveled earler this month to CA for my daughter's wedding...I had visions of disaster after disaster in my mind. I actually was pleasantly surprised at how well it all went. Outside of the long lines and some delays...which is just par for the course now, things ran pretty smoothly. I have heard plenty of traveling horror stories...I'm just glad I wasn't one of them.

Anonymous said...

"She seems to think she's all grown up, and can handle things without me hovering around." Dang kids anyways!

This reminds me of when my mom tried to give me some spending money 'just in case' when I was driving off without her. I had to tell her that I was a grown up now and had my own money! I still remember the heartbroken look on her face...sigh...I know my day is coming faster than I want it to.

Annie said...

Hi Betty, It's always such a pleasure to read your posts. It's nice to get such a glimpse of another person's life, what with the joy of a family visit and the humor involved in political volunteering and the unexpected reference to places rarely discussed (Cummins). I thought you might like to read a post at a blog I often read. Today Kikipotamus wrote about Cummins Prison Farm. You can see/read her story here.

Annie said...

I'm happy, Betty, to have introduced you to something you appreciate in Kikipotamus.

gawilli said...

Glad you had a nice week with your family. I'm a little spoiled having my daughter so close, but my son is a nomad so I understand.

Hey, even Opus had to fight Homeland Security last Sunday. What is this world coming to anyway?

Anonymous said...

"Strip searching little old ladies in wheelchairs". Blimey ! My mind boggles. :-)