Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Well, it's my baby girl's 40th birthday, today. Kelley, my firstborn. Hard to believe. I remember so well the day she was born. My friend, Imogene, knew I was in labor long before I did. I just couldn't figure out what all those twinges were about. By the time Jay came along I KNEW what those pains meant.

When I had Kelley, I had never been around babies - no one under four or five years old, so I was petrified. I was afraid of her. I handed her over to everyone who came in the door. Finally, her father said, "you know, I feel really uneasy when other people hold her. I don't think anyone can take care of her but you." And, there I was thinking that anyone had more experience than I did. But, it was a nice thing for him to say. Made me feel better, even though I had already decided that she didn't like me very much. She cried and fussed every time I picked her up. It took me a long time to realize that she was picking up on my nervousness, and it made her feel insecure.

But, I gradually got over all that, and now she is 40. Do I feel old? You bet.


Kell said...

But I like you much better now.

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